The engagement layer for the internet

Hull is a platform that offers identity management, user engagement, segmentation and targeted messaging so you can finally build your entire user engagement strategy with one single, unified product.

Identity, Engagement, Tracking and Targeted Messaging. Unified at last.

Hull finally solves with one single product the problems you tried to solve with too many siloed, disconnected services before.

Hull is the only platform that builds a unified user profile across all devices, properties, platforms and campaigns, for you, and collects everything you need to send the right message to the right user at the right time.


The easiest, most flexible user authentication you'll ever use.

Sign up users with email and password accounts, confirm, reset passwords easily.

OAuth Made easy: Add social login with +10 providers including Facebook, Twitter and G+

Let users start using your app before creating accounts with Guest Users.

Recognize users across websites with seamless cross-domain authentication.

Enhance your existing authentication backend with all these features.


Increase user engagement and collect great data.

Public/private messaging, comments, likes, votes, followers, gamification, badges, credits and counters all make your app stickier. Build them into your app in minutes with Hull

We have years of experience building these features right and we made them work perfectly together. You know data is collected, and you can add those quickly and easily at any time.


Hull lets you segment users and send messages to the right users using the right channel

Sometimes Email works well, sometimes In-App messages are better, and sometimes Facebook notifications work best.

Hull is the first and only platform to combine automatic event tracking, multi-channel messaging and a powerful segmentation dashboard so you can build the best re-engagement strategy.

With Hull, you generate actionable data in minutes and use it to nudge users at the right time throught the right channels.

But how does Hull integrate with my app?