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Boost Intercom with data from Clearbit and Segment

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Personalize my onboarding

Boost Intercom with my data from Clearbit and Segment

Create segmented email lists

Boost Mailchimp with my data from Clearbit and Salesforce

Personalize my website

Boost Optimizely with my data from Clearbit and Segment

Create custom ad audiences

Boost Facebook Custom Audiences with my data from Mailchimp and Mixpanel

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With Hull, we can further personalize our offering across iOS, Android and Web users. Our Users get the same great experience if they are connecting via a mobile device on the go, or via the web from home.

Manoj P

Senior Vice President & Business Head - DITTO TV, at Zee Network
I’ve found to be extremely straightforward to integrate with – in fact it’s been one of the easiest 3rd party integrations I’ve done in a long time.

Jonathan G.

The GAP Partnership
I first thought that Hull would 'own' my user base, but found out that they have a feature called 'bring your own users'. We now have all user accounts in our own databases, and just pass a signed user hash over to hull to let our users publish comments.

Jannis H.

This product was seamless to integrate, and offers great ways to interact with customers. The team was very helpful, and I look forward to continuing to see how I can continue to use Hull to do more and and more.

Ken D.

We are so excited about partnering with Hull and learning more about our readers to deliver better content to them, based on their own individual interests. With Hull, we can quickly make additions to our site that would engage readers, while maintaining our established brand identity.

María Brevé

Head of Projects, La Tribuna Honduras.
Hull’s user management and engagement tools allowed us to step out-of-the-box and launch an interactive crowdsourcing campaign, creating a fun experience for participants, but also be easy for us to implement and manage.

Mark Gordon

Senior Digital Communications Manager, Jackson Family Wines

See how can Hull work for you

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