What if all your user data were in one place?

Hull is the only marketing platform to unify customer data, identity, engagement, and segmentation across all your platforms, sites, and devices.

Create better experiences, get better data.

Traditional marketing mix

  • Dozens of tools
  • Fragmented and incomplete user identities
  • Brittle, disconnected customer experience


  • One platform, one dashboard
  • Collected and complete customer data
  • Unified customer experience

Hull helps the world’s best brands create meaningful relationships with their customers.


Incredible identity management

Seamlessly integrate all your sites and mobile apps with an industry-leading, omnichannel identity management system that provides baked-in social login, email registration, and guest user support.

Alternatively, turbo-charge your existing identity management solution with cross-domain single sign-on and multi-provider social login, or just use Hull as a better data collector.

Hull lets you roll your own interface or use our pre-built login system to craft the experience that's right for your users. No matter your use case, Hull can bring crazy simple login to your site.


Robust customer experiences

Hull is the first (and only) user-identity platform to store your customer's data alongside the customers themselves, letting their content become first-order marketing data you can action on.

Use our unique 'Ships' architecture to add user-demanded interactivity in minutes or take charge of our powerful engagement and social APIs to create your own features & content.

Because ships are open-source apps that require no frameworks or scaffolding, Hull makes adding robust features like login, comments, quizzes, and even tracking a breeze.

Of course, that means you can also build your own features: you no longer have to offer the same experience as everyone else. Build the social features you want.


Quick customer insights

The Hull dashboard makes it easy to see who your users are and what they do across platforms and campaigns. Understand what drives user engagement with powerful rule-based segmentation tools that can operate on your users and their content.

Hull eliminates data fragmentation by integrating first-party customer data from social login, and, unlike other services, linking user content from your sites.

By collecting information closer to your users, Hull gives you the actionable data you need to understand your customers and create better segments.


Custom-tooled consumer outreach

If marketing is about sending the right message to the right users at the right time, Hull is a marketer's best friend. We make it easy to send personalized emails and Facebook messages to custom user groups with the push of a button.

Automate your interactions based on what they do or don't do in your site, their influence in bringing traffic and signups, their click and open rate, and how much or how they've engaged with you. Send them regards on their birthday, reward your most active users, or retarget the ones who are drifting away.

With Hull, worry about how to craft your message, not how to distribute it. Creating the right message strategy becomes incredibly easy once all the data you need is in the right place.

With Hull, we can further personalize our offering across iOS, Android and Web users. Our Users get the same great experience if they are connecting via a mobile device on the go, or via the web from home.

Manoj P

Senior Vice President & Business Head - DITTO TV, at Zee Network
I’ve found Hull.io to be extremely straightforward to integrate with – in fact it’s been one of the easiest 3rd party integrations I’ve done in a long time.

Jonathan G.

The GAP Partnership
I first thought that Hull would 'own' my user base, but found out that they have a feature called 'bring your own users'. We now have all user accounts in our own databases, and just pass a signed user hash over to hull to let our users publish comments.

Jannis H.

This product was seamless to integrate, and offers great ways to interact with customers. The team was very helpful, and I look forward to continuing to see how I can continue to use Hull to do more and and more.

Ken D.

We are so excited about partnering with Hull and learning more about our readers to deliver better content to them, based on their own individual interests. With Hull, we can quickly make additions to our site that would engage readers, while maintaining our established brand identity.

María Brevé

Head of Projects, La Tribuna Honduras.
Hull’s user management and engagement tools allowed us to step out-of-the-box and launch an interactive crowdsourcing campaign, creating a fun experience for participants, but also be easy for us to implement and manage.

Mark Gordon

Senior Digital Communications Manager, Jackson Family Wines

Gillham Studios

Learn how Hallmark's largest online catalog uses Facebook login to enhance its Shopify presence.

All your user data
in one place


Give your users a simpler way to connect with a secure user signup experience and a seamless profile across multiple websites and mobile apps.


Create unique and innovative brand engagement experiences quickly and efficiently with powerful and flexible engagement mechanics.


Get personal, learn what matters. Access rich, unified profiles, no matter the medium, and identify your most influential and loyal customers at a glance.


Compel customers into action and send the right message at the right time with personalized interactions driven by actionable data.