Why Deep Sales Qualification Will Double Your Qualified Leads and Speed To Close

Have you ever experienced this? A disconnect between sales and marketing, despite having an abundance of data at your disposal.

It doesn’t add up. Qualifying leads should be easy with an abundance of data, but few companies appear to use all their...

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Hull.io Raises $2.6MM to Synchronize Customer Actions and Profile Data between all your Sales and Marketing Tools

Atlanta - January 26th, 2017 Hull, the customer data management platform and TechStars alumni raises $2.6 million in seed investment. Alven Capital, together with Point Nine Capital were leading the round. Other notable investors include Kima Ventures...

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[ Study ] How many HubSpot, Intercom and Mailchimp customers use competing email tools?

Scott Brinker’s Landscape Supergraphic has become a go to annual report on the crowded martech space. What this report doesn’t capture is how the existence of different tools translates into adoption and usage.

At Hull, we’re interested in looking...

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The Complete Guide to Personalisation Strategy (and Interactive Worksheet)

At Hull, we believe most sales, marketing, customer support and success suffers from being impersonal and irrelevant. Technology lets us reach more people, but we’re not using that technology to stay as personal and human as we can be in-person.

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Create a Segmentation Plan For Your Whole Customer Lifecycle

A segmentation plan defines the groups of people you want to reach at each stage of the lifecycle. With this, you create and manage consistent segments across all your marketing tools and teams.

This enables you to leverage each other team’s ideas...

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Brands You Trust Reach You With Hull

Hull let's you combine your customer data. Your customer data is scattered across analytics, email, ads, CRM,... Connect those tools to Hull in a click, collect that data, sort and segment it, then send it out to all your tools realtime. Hyper-segmentation, personalisation and automation in all your existing sales, marketing and customer-facing tools and teams using all your data.