OAuth, Email+Password, Guest users, Cross-domain auth, SSO made easy

Hull's Identity management is both the most flexible and easiest system you'll find to add User authentication to your app.

  • Add Email+password accounts, confirmation, password reminders to your app in minutes.
  • Private mode lets you approve users before they're allowed to access your app
  • OAuth Made easy: Add social login with +10 providers including Facebook, Twitter and G+
  • Integrate with your existing authentication backend, and enhance it with social login and cross-domain identities.
  • Guest Users lets users start using your app even before creating an account.
  • So quick to add that even in on a splash page you can let people create accounts instead of signing them to a newsletter and try to convert them later.
  • Recognize users across websites with seamless cross-domain authentication.
  • Use the same user identity both in your app and on your blog instantly.

Thousands of hours, hundreds of different scenarios and high-traffic production apps battle-tested this authentication system and made it the easiest and most flexible you will ever find.

Comments, Likes, Conversations and Gamification that just work

Let users engage with your app quickly and easily, and collect great data.

Public/private messaging, comments, likes, votes, followers, gamification, badges, credits and counters all make your app stickier. Build them into your app in minutes with Hull

We have years of experience building these features right and we made them work perfectly together. You know data is collected, and you can add those quickly and easily at any time.

Personalized activity feeds are a pain to build and scale. This is why we built them for you. All our engagement features create activities you can show users to keep them engaged.

Encourage them back into your app by letting them follow conversations and receive email notifications of new activity. They can even reply by email to conversation threads.

The right message on the right channel to the right person at the right time

Hull lets you segment users and send messages to the right users using the right channel

Sometimes Email works well, sometimes In-App messages are better, and sometimes Facebook notifications work best.

Hull is the first and only platform to combine automatic event tracking, multi-channel messaging and a powerful segmentation dashboard so you can build the best re-engagement strategy.

With Hull, you generate actionable data in minutes and use it to nudge users at the right time throught the right channels.

Flexible architecture for perfect integration

Reference any content from your app with Entities, and enhance them with social actions seamlessly.

Store custom data in any object with the 'extra' field to tailor Hull to your exact needs.

Search, paginate, filter and tag any content in Hull, Even perform raw MongoDB queries for unlimited flexibility.

Social networks and analytics backends integrations

When using Hull, you're never sandboxed. Hull can also forward tracking data to your analytics provider for additional features, and you can you can access user's social data on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others, and enrich their profiles with our Unified API.

We take care of tokens, OAuth, security, expiration and all those nasty things.

Extend behaviours with WebHooks and JSON segments

WebHooks tell you in realtime about everything that goes on, new users, comments, likes so you can react and add custom logic.

JSON segments ping your server with the results of a User segment query, so you can perform further actions, such as sending push notifications from your servers, unlocking badges from custom rules and so on.

Server SDKs let you read and write anything. Extract data, build custom dashboards, or replicate it to your backend for further processing.

Move up the ladder of abstraction

Orchestrate features, not services.

  1. Unified User profiles

    Unify all your user data into one user profile. Finally get a clear view of your users across all your properties, platforms and campaigns.

  2. User authentication

    Let users log in seamlessly across all your domains and platforms in 60 seconds and 1 line of code with the most powerful, simple and secure user authentication architecture available.

  3. Social login

    Remove friction at sign-up and get more data. Use the login experience from Facebook, Twitter, gitHub, Instagram and get more signups, and a better experience for your users.

  1. Activity feeds

    Display personalized activity feeds for each user with any custom actions you want. All of Hull's APIs already create activity data for you.

  2. Conversations + Messaging

    Build messaging, public and private conversations into your app in minutes with a full-featured conversation API, complete with email notifications, reply-by email and Webhooks realtime notifications.

  3. Watches

    Let users subscribe to content and receive email notifications when it's updated, This way they can know when a new message is posted in a conversation they watch.

  1. 3rd party integration

    Enrich user profiles by accessing your user's social data from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram easily with our unified API. Fetch friends, events, tweets, likes, comments, shares, pictures easily.

  2. Counters

    Create secure counters on any object. They let you track how many people a User has brought in, how many views he has generated through sharing... Anything you can think of.

  3. Content Moderation

    Automatically get moderation flags from Akismet, and let Users report inappropriate content so you can review and filter it efficiently.


    Increase engagement with Comments and enhance it with Likes, moderation, user media for a Commenting powerhouse..

  2. Ratings

    Allow users to give ratings and write reviews on your content in minutes.

  3. Votes

    Vote for things, apply daily, weekly or monthly limits on votes, allow one or multiple votes for a single object without backend code.

  1. Credits

    Set credits and limits for users for voting, uploading content or any action.


    Add a Like feature to your app in seconds, fetch users who like content and things a user like easily.

  3. Registration

    Capture user with registration forms

  1. Achievements

    Create achievement and reward users with Badges in minutes. Build any custom unlocking logic from your server.

  2. Lists

    Let users create and manage public collections

  3. Automated metrics

    Get great data. All the tracking and data storage is taken care of, meaning we store every click, every action, without additional work. Keep using your favorite analytics tool, Hull integrates with it seamlessly.

  1. User-generated media

    Allow users to store pictures, videos and files easily. We transcode, convert their media, and serve them in every resolution from mobile to full HD.

  2. Leaderboards

    Get live rankings on counters for Users at scale. Get friends-only rankings, users around me, last, first users easily and in realtime.

  3. Custom data + Queries

    Store custom data in any object and query the database directly with the full power of the MongoDB Query language.