Combine behavioural, contact and company data into a Salesforce contact

Not all leads are created equal. Sales teams benefit from understanding what a user or lead has done as well as information about them and their company. This recipe fetches this data from your analytics tools and 3rd parties to enrich Salesforce.

Install Segment to Pass Analytics Data to Hull

Segment is a data pipe for sending customer data from one tool to another set of tools (including Hull).

In this case, the source needs to be analytics events with identified individuals on your website. To capture this data, Segment needs to be installed.

To set this up, you need to install Segment in the page on your website (or mobile and server side options). To set this up for you, review Segment’s documentation here.. This data (including analytics events and page views) can be passed to other tools and services - including Hull.

To setup Hull as a destination, go to the Sources page in your Segment Workspace. Click on the source you have setup (e.g. Javascript, if you’ve installed Segment’s analytics.js script) - you’ll land on an overview page.

Choose “Integrations” from the top navigation. You’ll see a catalog of different tools you can send your analytics data to from Segment. Search for and click Hull.

Under “Settings” on the left hand side, you’ll need to paste your Hull API key. You can find your Hull API key within your Hull account.

Login to Hull, go to the Ships tab, and choose “Install Ship”. On the settings page, copy the Hull API key from the right hand side and paste it into the Hull integrations page on Segment. You can then add Hull as a destination from Segment.

Install Clearbit

Clearbit is a database of companies and employees which you can query through APIs and other services - including Hull.

To install Clearbit into Hull, go to “Ships” and select “Add Ship”. Under Clearbit, choose “Install Clearbit”.

Under Settings, under the credentials heading, you’ll be prompted to add your Clearbit API key. You’ll find this in your Clearbit account here.

In Hull, paste the Clearbit API key under the Credentials heading on the Clearbit Ship Settings page.

Configure Clearbit for Enrichment

Clearbit Enrichment allows you to add meta data about each employee with just their email address (or company with just their domain) including their name, title, company, location, social profiles and more.

Once you’ve connected Clearbit, go to the Settings page not he Clearbit Ship. Check the box by “Enrichment”.

You can configure segments to be sent to Clearbit for enrichment. This will add data to every contact who ever enters that segment. If enrichment is enabled but no segments are listed, then every contact will be sent to Clearbit for enrichment.

 (Optional) Create a Segment to Limit Which Contacts Get Sent To Salesforce

To create a segment, click "Attributes" or "Events" and choose an option. Clearbit will pass attributes after it has enriched a profile. Segment will pass both events (that you are tracking through it) and attributes from other services.


Clearbit Employment Title contains Sales

Once you've created a segment, click "Save" and choose a name for your Segment. This segment will now be kept up to date anytime any of the data powering it is updated.

Install Salesforce connector

Salesforce CRM keeps all data on your leads and customers in one place. Hull allows you to manage what goes into your Salesforce contact records, including data from other tools and services.

To install Salesforce, go to the Ships page and click “Add Ship”. Search for Salesforcce and click “Install”. You’ll be prompted to login with your Salesforce credentials to connect your accounts.

Sync Contacts and Records to Salesforce

Once you’ve installed Salesforce, go to the Salesforce Ship page. Click on Settings. Here, you’ll be able to control who and what gets synced to Salesforce.

The first thing is to choose which segments gets synced to Salesforce. By default (when blank), every contact will be sent to Salesforce. This can make your Salesforce account less useful, and use up significant storage capacity (which they charge a lot for).

Instead, you may choose to sync only certain segments of contacts you’ve created in Hull like Demo Requested.

The second thing is to choose which contact properties will get sent and synced with Salesforce for both Contacts and Leads. You can choose whether Hull will overwrite existing values in Salesforce (otherwise Hull will populate only blank fields).

Finally, you can choose what values in Salesforce you want to sync back to Hull. These values can then be used in other tools.


Bonus! Trigger a Slack Notification with a New Lead

With your data from Segment, you'll have data from new leads. You can trigger this to send you a notification in Slack.

Hull can trigger Slack notifications when a contact enters or leaves a segment or triggers an event - i.e. “Demo requested”

To install Slack, go to the Ships page, choose “Add Ship” and search for Slack. Click “Add Ship”. You’ll be prompted to login with your Slack credentials.

Once you’ve logged in and connected Slack, go to the settings page. In the notifications heading, you’ll see the columns to add the segment, what channel they’re in, and checkboxes to send notifications when they enter or leave a channel.

Each notification is one-to-one. One segment to one notification in a channel that you already have in Slack.

Select the segment (or event) on the left hand side. Choose the channel you want to trigger a notification in.



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