Target prospects on Facebook (using company and contact data from Clearbit)

Install Clearbit

Clearbit is a database of companies and employees which you can query through APIs and other services - including Hull.

To install Clearbit into Hull, go to “Ships” and select “Add Ship”. Under Clearbit, choose “Install Clearbit”.

Under Settings, under the credentials heading, you’ll be prompted to add your Clearbit API key. You’ll find this in your Clearbit account here.

In Hull, paste the Clearbit API key under the Credentials heading on the Clearbit Ship Settings page.

Configure Clearbit for Prospecting

Once you’ve installed the Clearbit Ship, go to the Ship and you should see the prospector. This enables you to query the Clearbit Prospector directly from Hull.

If you’ve already got a list of target domains, paste these into here on the left hand side and choose the job roles and titles you’re targeting. Click “Prospect”. This will return results on the right hand side. Profiles for these prospects will be created in Hull.

Configure Clearbit for Enrichment

Clearbit Enrichment allows you to add meta data about each employee with just their email address (or company with just their domain) including their name, title, company, location, social profiles and more.

Once you’ve connected Clearbit, go to the Settings page not he Clearbit Ship. Check the box by “Enrichment”.

You can configure segments to be sent to Clearbit for enrichment. This will add data to every contact who ever enters that segment. If enrichment is enabled but no segments are listed, then every contact will be sent to Clearbit for enrichment.

Create a Segment of Qualified Prospects

Using their Clearbit data like job titles, location and Clearbit Company Size (which is returned from your Clearbit Enrichment query and added to each Hull profile), you can then a segment of qualified prospects.

For example:

  • Clearbit Employment Title contains "HR manager"
  • Clearbit Company Employees is between 50 and 1000
  • Country = "France", "United Kingdom", "United States", or "Canada"

Save this segment as "Qualified Prospects"

Install Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences enables you to target people on Facebook’s advertising network by specifying their email address or phone number.

Hull helps you manage these ad audiences by creating Hull segments, and then syncing them over in real time.

To get the best possible match (particularly in B2B where most people haven’t a work email already associated with Facebook) we aim to send over other matching data where it’s available like a name and location - there are only so many Joe Bloggs in Paris…

To install Facebook Custom Audiences, click “Add Ship” and select Facebook Custom Audiences and click “Install”. You’ll be prompted to login with your Facebook credentials that you have associated with your Facebook Business account on

By default, every Hull segment you’ve created will be synced across and updated in Facebook in realtime.



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