Create Slack Notifications (from new signups via Segment)

This recipe will trigger Slack notifications whenever get a new signup. This uses data from Segment.


Install Segment

Segment is a data pipe for sending customer data from one tool to another set of tools (including Hull).

In this case, the source needs to be analytics events with identified individuals on your website. To capture this data, Segment needs to be installed.

To set this up, you need to install Segment in the page on your website (or mobile and server side options). To set this up for you, review Segment’s documentation here.. This data (including analytics events and page views) can be passed to other tools and services - including Hull.

To setup Hull as a destination, go to the Sources page in your Segment Workspace. Click on the source you have setup (e.g. Javascript, if you’ve installed Segment’s analytics.js script) - you’ll land on an overview page.

Choose “Integrations” from the top navigation. You’ll see a catalog of different tools you can send your analytics data to from Segment. Search for and click Hull.

Under “Settings” on the left hand side, you’ll need to paste your Hull API key. You can find your Hull API key within your Hull account.

Login to Hull, go to the Ships tab, and choose “Install Ship”. On the settings page, copy the Hull  API key from the right hand side and paste it into the Hull integrations page on Segment. You can then add Hull as a destination from Segment.

Create a segment for new Signups

To create a segment of new signups, you need both the date and the individual.

Depending on your analytics, tools and tracking plan setup, you might either have a:

  1. Account created event
  2. Signup date property

Events can have additional properties associated with them, so a preference for events if they’re available.

The second component of the new signup segment is understanding how long they’re considered “new” for. New signups shouldn’t be every signup.

If your business and goals are monthly, then something like

  • Calendar month
  • Past 30 days
  • Past 28 days (to make sure always have 4 weekends)

A segment New Signups will then have something like the following rules.

Event: “Account Created” —> in the past 28 days.

Create your variation of this segment, and go to actions, click “Save Segment” and enter a name which will be easy to understand.

Install Slack

Hull can trigger Slack notifications when a contact enters or leaves a segment or triggers an event - i.e. “Demo requested”

To install Slack, go to the Ships page, choose “Add Ship” and search for Slack. Click “Add Ship”. You’ll be prompted to login with your Slack credentials.

Once you’ve logged in and connected Slack, go to the settings page. In the notifications heading, you’ll see the columns to add the segment, what channel they’re in, and checkboxes to send notifications when they enter or leave a channel.

Setup Slack Notifications

Each notification is one-to-one. One segment to one notification in a channel that you already have in Slack.

Select the segment (or event) on the left hand side. Choose the channel you want to trigger a notification in.



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