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The only real-time B2B customer data platform

A single source of truth to unify your martech stack and orchestrate your entire customer journey

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Sunday, March 12th, 2017
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Tue, Jun 4th 2013, 4:41 pm

Identity Resolution & Unified Profiles

Unify user and account data across tools, databases, and devices

Hull's identity resolution creates a unified customer view from all your data. It's the always up-to-date source of truth for every person and company.

Capture the entire customer journey, no matter where it's stored.

Sync your tools, backend SQL databases, 3rd party APIs, webhooks, and click-tracking in real-time. Hull can import any customer data at any scale without limitations.

Compute, enrich & segment in real-time

Manipulate raw data in real-time

Transform & cleanse customer data with plain JavaScript with Processor.

  • Compute new traits & events
  • Reformat, cleanse & map data
  • Call any external API
  • See & edit computed data live
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Build precise, live segments

Query & segment your entire customer database in real-time.

  • Build segments from all your data
  • Preview results as-you-type
  • Whitelist profiles to sync
  • Create segments for all your tools
More about Segmentation
Automatic selective enrichment

Enrich customer profiles & accounts with any 3rd party data.

  • Enrich from any data source
  • Filter which profiles are enriched
  • Use in sgments & computed traits
  • Enrich all users at accounts level
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Loved by growth & data teams

Up-to-date, reliable, accurate data everywhere

Changes in Hull sync to all connected tools instantly. Use the Hull API to fetch customer data AND subscribe to changes in real-time.

Hull "Kraken" uses advanced backpressure and batching techniques to ensure data is synchronized efficiently, reliably, and quickly to all your destination tools and APIs.

Use consistent, up-to-date data across all your tools to orchestrate your perfect customer journey and experience end-to-end.

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Set-and-forget synchronization

Hull syncs your attributes, events and segments to your favorite tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom, and Facebook Audiences.

Whitelist segments to sync, select and map which attributes and events, then Hull keeps it all in sync automatically.

Hull logs and displays every data flow and update on a user, account, and connector level in full detail so you see exactly what's going on.

For Sales Ops

Update your CRM in real-time

Unify all your leads and lead data in Hull. Fill in the blanks in all your leads with data from your tools, databases, and enrichment sources. Format and cleanse data before syncing to your CRM. Qualify your leads accurately and automatically, then sync to your CRM. Prospect for new leads in Hull without polluting your CRM.

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For Marketing Ops

Convert and qualify more leads

Power up your marketing tools today with data from all your tools. Convert, nurture, and engage more leads with personalized messaging from all your existing marketing tools. Align sales and marketing with a shared, data-driven definition of qualified leads.

See Hull for Lead Nurturing

For Business Operations

Create a single source of truth

Design and deliver the customer data your revenue-generating teams need in the tools they want to use. Query and segment your entire customer database in real-time. Complete control and transparency over all customer data in one customer data platform for revenue ops teams.

See Hull for a Single Source of Truth

"Hull is the centerpiece of our marketing stack"

Customer success and sales are very, very happy. I can give them whatever information they want, and I don’t need a backend developer

Guillaume Cabane

VP Growth, Drift
Aligning customer audiences across multiple tools is a pain that all marketing & growth teams face. Because Hull centralizes the data store & segmentation engine we've reduced campaign overhead dramatically.
Hull is a game changer for us. Merging data from different sources makes data-driven marketing a reality.

Matt Lovett

CEO, Oz Content
What I can do with Hull is create user segments along just about any line that I want. Any interaction or query I can grab. Any sort of company profile data, technology install base, metrics for startups, job roles, employee seniority. We could start getting really granular with my audience which I wasn't able to do before.
What makes Hull priceless for us is you can do all those things without a huge amount of custom development.
Hull allows us to identify key moments when a prospect is moving through the buyers journey and in real time react to those moments via automation or with a person to help the customer take the next step. We have a lot of future plans for hull. It's a weapon for us.

Bring the right data to the right team at the right time.

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