Hull gathers all your customer data in one place.


We exist to help brands shape meaningful relationships with their customers by better understanding who they are, what they do, and revealing novel insights to personalize experiences at scale.


Family first We believe that Family is the most important asset one could own; it’s irreplaceable. We strive to ensure that focus is on Immediate Family, the Hull Family, and the Hull Customer Family.

Lead with trust We believe in each other. We believe in communicating with candor, transparency, and honesty. No matter what, Trust is the foundation of a strong organization and culture.

Always encouraging We believe in supporting each other through positivity. We can’t control what happens within the market, product, business, or life, but we can control how we react to it.

Entrepreneurial spirit We believe in taking action without command. We dare to take risks, we take ownership of our actions, and we analyze our results for the overall mission.

Seek elegant solutions We strive to dig deeper, to really understand the underlying principles behind the problems we face, so we can come up with elegant, beautifully simple solutions that work.

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Stefan Koenig CEO


Romain Dardour C3PO


Stephane Bellity CTO

Investors & Advisors

Solomon Hykes

Product, CTO, Founder @ Docker

Fabien Penso

CTO @ Stuart



62 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Atlanta (HQ)

3423 Piedmont Rd Ne
Atlanta GA, 30305

We're a small team, where everyone has huge impact, join us!

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