About Us

We exist to help brands shape meaningful relationships with their customers by better understanding who they are, what they do, and revealing novel insights to personalize experiences at scale.

Online Marketing, Customer Success and Sales today requires using a multitude of platforms, plug-ins and services to identify, analyze and reach consumers. In addition to being brittle and preventing seamless experiences these service operate in silos, leaving brands unable to distinguish and engage with influential and devoted customers at scale.

Hull is built by a team of marketers and developers who experienced the need for a robust tool to engage and profile customers. With Hull, marketers and developers can create better customer experiences, visualize and interact with their community and uncover novel insights.

Unlike other SaaS marketing solutions, Hull gathers customer data from multiple channels โ€“ email marketing, website, mobile site and apps โ€“ into one complete consumer profile, so brands can grasp distinct personas, communicate appropriately with each customer at scale, and ultimately drive sales and secure brand loyalty.

Selected to TechStars elite start-up mentoring program in 2013, Hull is a Facebook Marketing Partner founded to simplify the complexities inherent to digital marketing. Brands such as Universal Pictures, Hallmark and Wilson connect with their customers and prospects through memorable marketing initiatives powered by Hull.

Hull gathers all your customer data in one place.
The only limit of what you can do with it is your imagination.

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  • An engineer by training, Stefan worked his way through multiple engineering and technical roles before shifting his focus to business operations. Most recently, he led the North American launch of two European tech companies, which ultimately merged and were acquired by SAP, fueling SAP's cloud strategy.

    Upon realizing that making extraordinary customer experiences online was needlessly difficult, Stefan co-founded Hull to simplify customer engagement and allow companies to build unified customer experiences across devices, campaigns and platforms to obtain immediately actionable insight.

  • A self-proclaimed computer nerd, Romain has been hacking since he was 6, and launched a social network five years before Facebook was born.

    His tech prowess combined with an deep understanding of creative marketing led him to co-found Creaktif, a leading creative studio in France recognized by The FWA 18 times for world-class brands such as Coca Cola, Daft Punk, Chanel, Dior, Renault, Orange, Universal Pictures, Samsung or Lโ€™Occitane.

    A serial entrepreneur, Romain sold Creaktif to focus on Hull after identifying a need for a strong marketing platform that let developers and marketers alike create better, more engaging experiences.

  • After graduating with an MBA from one of France's most prestigious business schools, Essec, Stephane quickly quit his first job as an Asset Backed Securities analyst to launch his first startup where he spent several years leading technical teams and building Royalties Management solutions for music labels.

    He was then chosen as the tech lead for a large Social Gaming studio to work on behavioural analytics systems

    That's where he saw the opportunity to apply this experience to Marketing and give all marketers access to what Data Scientists only could see.

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