The Complete Guide to Customer DataRead the 7-part series on managing, utilizing, and getting the most out of your customer data.

How to create an ideal customer profile & data model

  • Learn how to drive strategic focus & define your data model
  • Align your teams and get a data-driven definition
  • Abstract your customer data model
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Customer journey mapping, analytics & attribution modeling

  • Create a customer journey map to align your whole organization
  • Define your tracking plan
  • Create your attribution model
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Creating a “single source of truth” for your customer data

  • Create a single customer view
  • Cleanse, transform & build fallback strategies
  • Compute a "golden customer record" ready to sync to all your tools
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Choosing your marketing technology stack

  • Understand how customer data flows in tools
  • Build a complete list of jobs-to-be-done by your tools
  • "Hire" best-in-class tooling based on data portability & usability
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Customer data integration best practices at any scale

  • Understand the job-to-be-done with customer data integration
  • Review integration methods for each stage
  • Build your tool-specific, data-specific integration strategy
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Orchestration is personalization: Creating 1:1 experiences at scale

  • Learn to design personalized experiences from your tools, teams & data
  • Follow our six-part framework for orchestration
  • Systemmatically orchestrate your entire customer journey
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Structuring your internal teams and operations

  • Best practices in team organization at every scale
  • The growth of data engineering in martech
  • How to build & hire teams for customer data operations
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