Learn customer data management

Master your customer data with Hull’s 5-part customer data academy

Customer data sits at the heart of every business, but few teams understand how to manage their customer data effectively.

We’ve designed this five-part customer data academy to help you pull together the story of each customer, and use it across every tool.

Chapter one: Customer Data

How the customer stack simplifies everything

There are lots of moving parts with customer data, which makes it hard to understand. In the first chapter, we’ll lay out a simple four-part framework for thinking about how your customer data flows. Instead of a mess of different tools, teams and data, a simple customer data model you can immediately apply to your own business.

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Chapter Two: Data Cleansing

How to wipe out your 34 layers of customer data puke

Your customer operations is only as good as your data. In the second chapter, we focus on how to transform your raw “data puke” into quality, clean, immediately useful data ready to use in all your tools.

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Chapter Three: Data Integration

How to fix your SaaS fRaNkenSTaCk

How do you make your dozens of sales, marketing, and customer-facing tools work together? In the third chapter, we’ll discuss how to get the data your teams need into the tools they want to use, including all seven methods for integrating customer data together.

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Chapter Four: Orchestration

Coordinate all your tools, teams, and data with cloud orchestration

Teams own tools. Tools own data. How do you them all work together? In the fourth chapter, we’ll expand on the Customer Stack model from chapter one to create a two-layered model. We’ll then use this model to show how you can use all your customer data, tools, and teams together to orchestrate, automate, and personalize your entire customer journey.

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Chapter Five: Data Governance

How to roundup your customer data cowboys

In the fifth and final chapter, we’ll tackle the biggest challenge of them all - the people! How to restore control to your customer data management, and break your teams cowboy attitudes and data dueling.

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