TuringFest resourcesYou've seen the talk. Now put it into practice!

Pretext: Data is the new oil

Access to data

Get your sales guys to fill in the CRM. (And backfill it with enrichment).

Learn SQL. So much of the customer journey is probably in database you own and manage (don't need to buy extra tools). Follow SQL tutorials. I used the (shamefully simple) W3schools ones. But it worked :)

Models from data

Build models from your analysis. I used simple linear regression ([straight] lines of best fit) which are easy to produce and share from any spreadsheet tool like Google Sheets.

You can see a little more how I built and iterated on this in this post here. Yes, I'm aware of my ignorant frankenmaths at the end, but I wanted to see what it could look like to stitch it all together (:

Goals from data

Sean Ellis on the North Star Metric.

OKRs overview

Process from data

Learn more about my highs, lows, lessons, and buffoonery from scaling personal email at inbound.org. In the end I sent about a quarter of a million of these emails.

Here's the same process for Oz Content's lead nurturing.

And Appcues for product qualified leads.

Rules from data

Pricing as a rule. Monetisation 4x more impactful than acquisition, and 2x more impactful than retention according to Price Intelligently.

Mark Roberge's summary of the sales compensation experiments at. HubSpot on HBR. You can grab his book - the Sales Acceleration Formula too.

Content modelling for scaling "SEO" content (I love Ross Hudgens post here on 2X, not 10X content, and this oldie video on investing in page types from Distilled)

Here's an overview of content modelling. You can do this in Webflow or Instapage, but to maximise flexibility you want to build this in-house and manage with a headless CMS like Contentful or Prismic.

We used Middleman (one of many static site generators), built/deployed/versioned through Netlify and managed the code repo on GitHub. We use Zeplin to quick template our designers Sketch files.

Juro's my favourite post-GDPR privacy policy example.

Three rules for orchestrating customer journeys: 1. Segmentation (combine all your data in the world's most powerful segmentation tool) 2. Templates (handle complexity with a powerful templating engine like Liquid - found in tools like Shopify & Customer.io. 3. Workflows (keep them simple)

Here's an example of Mention's data flows. A little out of date now, but illustrative.

Gists of my personalised emails on my Github

Learn about data orchestration in our "Spotted" series on the Hull blog.

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