How to 10X your Account-Based Marketing with the Reveal Loop

How can you 10X the performance of your Account-based-Marketing programs?

First, look beyond the sources of small, incremental performance. Testing other folks’ winning email templates and training your teams are all good starts, but the 10X leaps...

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Fill-in-the-blanks in your Intercom Leads

TL;DR: Hull now supports Intercom Leads. Fill in the blanks and unknowns in your Intercom Leads so your team can precisely personalize every response.

At Hull, we ♥ Intercom - it’s one of our most popular integrations.

But whilst Intercom is great...

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Podcast: Create a SaaS Personalization Strategy that Scales

The Growth Hub podcast header

Originally published on The Growth Hub podcast.

  • What growth really means within the context of B2B SaaS
  • The importance of defining and building your growth model around your North Star Metric
  • The 5-part framework to achieve personalization at scale...

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120 Segmentation Methods for Advanced B2B Marketers

You need to stop, generic "send to all" broadcasts messages, and start talking to your leads and customers in the way that matters to them.

... you've probably heard that sort of advice before, but sometime's it's difficult to know what to say or...

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Secrets of Segmentation Strategy


Leaky funnels.

A constant struggle for every marketer.

You spend a ton of resources getting visitors, getting their email address and marketing to them. And yet many drop off.

The problem is most marketers send broadcast the same messages to everyone...

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