Is Orchestration the Last Missing Piece of the ABM Puzzle?

With SiriusDecisions event happening last week, I’ve seen a ton of Account Based Marketing, Account Based Everything, Account Based Whatever posts.

It got me thinking about the Account Based approach and why so many tools are necessary. So much...

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What is Data-Driven Marketing, Really?

Data Driven Marketing

Your sales, marketing, and customer success is only as good as your data.

Whether it’s for qualifying new leads for sales, triggering personalised emails, creating effective ad audiences, or something different - you need to have access to reliable...

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How to Create an Ideal Customer Profile

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Ideal customer profiles are the foundation of your data-driven sales and marketing. We can use our ICP to inform what data we need target good fit (and exclude bad fit) customers.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to take your definition and outline...

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How to setup Segment’s $10000+/day outbound sales email recipe

Clearbit’s new Data-Driven Sales book features a chapter on how automated outbound sales emails to website visitors, and how this recipe makes them over $10,000 each day.

Though it’s incredibly powerful and exciting, people struggled understanding...

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Stop Calling It a "Marketing Stack"

Marketers love (and hate) buzzwords with a great deal of zeal.

Whether it’s “inbound marketing”, “growth hacking”, “account-based marketing”, they’re trying to communicate and spread a bigger idea. Generally, these ideas are grounded in something

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Helping the world's best brands connect their apps together

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Hull let's you combine your customer data. Your customer data is scattered across analytics, email, ads, CRM,... Connect those tools to Hull in a click, collect that data, sort and segment it, then send it out to all your tools realtime. Hyper-segmentation, personalisation and automation in all your existing sales, marketing and customer-facing tools and teams using all your data.