New Features: The "Tracking" Update

We’ve got a huge bunch of new features we’re thrilled to announce for the Hull platform. We’ll call it “the Tracking Update”.

This edition will unpack a wide variety of ways to track visitors and prospects through links in your advertising campaigns...

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Getting Ready for GDPR at Hull

On May 25th, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation comes in enforcement in the European Union. As the customer data platform of choice for many European and Global software startups, we’ll be GDPR compliant as a company, and as a data processor...

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How to Make Sales Fight Over Your Marketing Qualified Leads


“So what exactly goes into defining the MQL?” our new SDR asked.

Both curious.

And extremely concerned.

By the tone of his voice, I could tell there was more to the story.

I explained that our MQLs were based on the usual - FIT + INTENT - but...

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How to (really) Build a Better Qualified Lead

It seems online dating and lead qualification have more in common than I first thought.

Imagine you're a matchmaker, setting a friend up on a hot date. Not hundreds of dates (they don't have time to date 'em all this month). More is not more. There...

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How to Convert More Free Trial Users into Revenue

Convert free trial users

If you do a quick Google search on how to convert more free trial users into revenue, you’ll find tons of articles that cover different tactics for different departments.

Quick and easy. “Just send more emails.”

“You won’t even have to think about...

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