Cloud orchestration with customer data

This is the fourth chapter in our customer data academy - subscribe above to get the full series.

Previously, we’ve discussed the customer stack model for simply explaining how customer data should form a loop between messaging people, tracking reactions...

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Data cleansing: How to wipe out your 34 layers of customer data puke

This is chapter two in our 5-part series in the customer data academy - subscribe above for more!

Previously, we’ve talked about the building a schemaless customer data model with the “Customer Stack” - a closed loop of customer data between messaging...

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Personalization Everywhere! Create a Personalization Strategy

Question: If personalization is so awesome, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Answer: No one has a personalization strategy! No one knows how to pull together all their tools, teams, data, and content to orchestrate perfect 1:1 personalization.


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Customer journey mapping in real-time

Customer journey mapping should be more than a pretty picture.

Of course - the process of mapping out how a customer’s experience is (and should be) can help align every customer-facing team and operation. "It’s the customer first!"

But once those...

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Content Mapping to Fix your Stone Age Messaging

There are two types of marketers; those who work in the Stone Age, and those who leverage customer data.

One sends generic, send-to-all spam - “publish it and they will come”.

The other sends 1:1 personalized, automated messages at scale.

At your...

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