How to Convert More Free Trial Users into Revenue

Convert free trial users

If you do a quick Google search on how to convert more free trial users into revenue, you’ll find tons of articles that cover different tactics for different departments.

Quick and easy. “Just send more emails.”

“You won’t even have to think about...

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Announcing the Incoming Webhooks Connector

Today, we’re announcing the release of the Hull Incoming Webhooks Connector, a feature that enables Hull to receive data from even more tools that our customers love.

The power of Hull just opened up to thousands of tools and applications - and the...

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How Hull Achieved Less than 1% Net Churn Rate


Hull’s 3 main KPIs for 2017 are: growing our revenue 10x, maintain a below 2% churn rate, and position us as the premier data brand in the SMB/Midmarket. And as we all know, there’s three core strategies for SaaS companies that want to grow:

  1. Acquisition...

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10 reasons why Clearbit is better with Hull

At Hull, we ❤️ Clearbit. Many of our customers who sell B2B customers depend on Clearbit data to convert more leads and close more deals.

By using Hull’s customer data platform, they can get all the data they need (including Clearbit data) into the...

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Customer data governance for scaling, squabbling startups

This is the final chapter of the customer data academy on data governance.

Before we dive into the gnarliest of gnarly topics in data management, first a quick recap of what we’ve covered previously.

In the first chapter, we explained the customer...

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