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Hull's Future as part of MessageBird

Hull's Future as part of MessageBird

Configure & Control Your Data Flows (Webinar Recap)

In Part 5 of "Your Data, Your Way", we round out our series discussing data synchronization, showcasing two examples of one-way and bi-directional syncing.

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A message from our CEO, Romain Dardour.

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SaaS Customer Data Integration: The Complete Guide

New to customer data integration? Here's our quick start guide with best practices & pitfalls to avoid.

How To Build A Better Qualified SaaS Lead In 2019

You must pinpoint "fit" and "intent". Weak mid-funnel marketing fails to qualify leads. Here are the best practices we've seen data-driven marketing teams use.

How To Create A Single Source Of Truth For Your Customer Data

Learn how to create a golden customer record from all your customer data to act as your single source of truth for all your tools and tools. Part of The Complete Guide to Customer Data.

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19th March 2021

The CDP vs. Data Warehouse Debate: How to Determine What’s Right for Your Business

With so many tools for managing data now available, how do you know what’s right for your business? Here’s how to answer the CDP vs. data warehouse debate based on your unique needs.

17th March 2021

Simple & Advanced Data Transformation Use Cases (Webinar Recap)

In Part 4 of "Your Data, Your Way", we discuss data transformation. You'll hear more about what it means, why it's beneficial, and see some simple and advanced use cases using the Hull Processor.

8th March 2021

New Integration: Calendly

Hull's new Calendly integration lets you ingest Calendly meetings, append them to User Timelines, and sync them out to your other tools.

4th March 2021

Data Cleansing Made Simple (Webinar Recap)

In Part 3 of "Your Data, Your Way", we show you tactical ways to clean and standardize your data using easy-to-use features within Hull.

17th February 2021

Identity Resolution Is Key to Better Customer Data Management (Webinar Recap)

In Part 2 of "Your Data, Your Way", we talk about how your identity resolution strategy can prevent data issues, and show you how Hull's intelligent identity resolution handles tricky scenarios.

8th February 2021

How to Leverage Product Data for Growth and Retention in 2021

Savvy SaaS marketers are taking the next step in growing their businesses with the help of product data. Read the "what", "why", and "how" behind leveraging product data in go-to-market strategies.

3rd February 2021

3 Methods for Ingesting Customer Data (Webinar Recap)

In Part 1 of "Your Data, Your Way", we discuss all things data integration, fetching, and ingestion, sharing our recommendations for building robust and comprehensive customer profiles.