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3 Ways Sales Can Use a CDP to Improve Account-Based Selling

Sales has been a fortunate beneficiary of CDP technology. Read on for how sales teams have uncovered significant value using their organization’s CDP to execute on account-based selling initiatives.

5 Ways Centralizing Customer Data Can Grow Revenue

Your organization may not need another tool in your tech, but rather, a way to unify your existing ones. Find out 5 ways to grow revenue just by centralizing your customer and prospect data.

Criteria Corp Introduces Account-Based Selling with Hull

Criteria Corp needed the ability to get time-sensitive marketing-generated leads from HubSpot to Outreach for their SDR team to quickly follow up on.

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SaaS Customer Data Integration: The Complete Guide (2019)

New to customer data integration? Here's our quick start guide with best practices & pitfalls to avoid.

How To Build A Better Qualified SaaS Lead In 2019

You must pinpoint "fit" and "intent". Weak mid-funnel marketing fails to qualify leads. Here are the best practices we've seen data-driven marketing teams use.

How To Create A Single Source Of Truth For Your Customer Data

Learn how to create a golden customer record from all your customer data to act as your single source of truth for all your tools and tools. Part of The Complete Guide to Customer Data.

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18th June 2019

The #1 Cause of Sales & Marketing Misalignment (and How to Get Back on Track)

The age-old cliche of sales and marketing butting heads is all too real. What causes it and how can you re-align the teams to achieve success?

6th June 2019

What Is (And Who Needs) a Customer Data Platform?

Customer data platforms are helping companies better understand and act on data. In this blog, we dig into what CDPs really are, why they exist, who they're for, and how they're being used.

30th May 2019

Why Mid-Market B2B Companies Have the Most to Gain from a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Large enterprises have been realizing the benefits of customer data platforms (CDPs) for years. Find out what makes mid-market B2B companies a great fit for investing in a CDP.

5th March 2019

Spotted: Data-Driven Lead Generation Strategies

How data-driven marketers generate leads for sales that convert without finding new contacts.

26th February 2019

Spotted: SaaS Free Trial Conversion Strategies

Every SaaS team with a free trial shares the same problem - their sales & marketing does not join up with their product and trial experience. Here's how data-driven marketers fix that.

19th February 2019

Introducing Hull for Outreach: Automation for Sales Reps

We're excited to launch Hull for Outreach. Now you can have marketing-scale automation in the hands of your sales reps.

12th February 2019

Introducing Free Trials At Hull: Unify & Sync Customer Data

From today, you can sign up and try out Hull free for 14-days with your own data - without having to talk to one of our product experts or solution engineers.