2020 Year In Review

From Product and Engineering to Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success, our team hit key milestones in spite of the many challenges of this pandemic year. The resilience, ingenuity, and dedication demonstrated by each and every team member shone through in the work we put forth for our customers.

I’m excited to share some highlights that we’re proud of:

We expanded and enhanced our integration library

In order to support the diverse array of use cases and technology stacks in the market today, we launched several highly-requested new integrations to our library, including BigQuery, Copper, Dropcontact, Phantombuster, Snowflake, and Zendesk. These integrations further validate our position as the number one customer data platform for B2B SaaS.

Our customers’ valuable feedback often ends up on our product roadmap. We’re proud to have made some major improvements to our most popular integrations. Many of the upgrades expanded coverage for additional object types, giving you even more flexibility and control over your data.

  • Google Sheets: Supports User, Account, and Event import
  • HubSpot: Added support for incoming Email Events, outgoing Events, and Contact and Company deletion in HubSpot
  • Intercom: Support for latest API, incoming Companies, first-class support for Leads and Visitors
  • Outreach: Added support for incoming Events
  • Salesforce: Added support for Task ingestion, outgoing Events, and other performance enhancements

Other integrations got a backend technical “facelift” to allow our customers achieve what they want more easily and in a more streamlined manner.

  • Clearbit: Improved data flow to support Prospector for Accounts; added support for exclusion lists for fine-tuned data enrichment filtering; added mechanisms for recurring enrichment
  • SQL Importer: Support for SSH/SSL
  • Hull Website Connector: Added support for embedding client-side "bridges" with other services such as Intercom, HubSpot, etc.
  • Hull Processor: Support for more libraries (including google LibPhoneNumber to validate phone numbers)
  • Outgoing Webhooks: With JSONata to build the payload

We increased the speed of our platform 10x

Our platform is faster, more scalable, and more intelligent than it has ever been due to some significant updates we made this year. Our upgraded platform positions us extremely well to handle large data volumes and provide a better user experience for our current and future customers. In addition to speed and scalability enhancements, we built features that allow for smarter deduplication upon data import and better logs for easier debugging.

We made some meaningful improvements to the Dashboard

The Hull Dashboard is often our customers’ one-stop-shop for customer data management, so we are constantly making updates to improve your user experience and help you get more out of your data. Several key changes we rolled out to the Dashboard include:

  • View Events and Event statistics
  • See recently deleted connectors
  • Batch update User and Account attributes
  • Single sign-on
  • Connector settings changelog

We successfully worked from home!

Pics for proof! :)

Louis Desk

Angela Desk WFH

Tim Desk

Michal Desk

Hull Zoom

Looking behind, looking ahead

We’re grateful to our customers and partners for your continued support — especially during this wild and unexpected year. With a solid foot in the ground and a renewed sense of excitement and optimism, we are beyond ready to take on 2021! Stay tuned for what's coming up.

Let’s do this!

Romain Dardour

Romain is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hull. An entrepreneur at heart, Romain has been building businesses for over 20 years. As CEO of Hull, Romain provides strategic direction for the company, builds key partnerships with industry leaders, and can often be found on the conference speaking circuit evangelizing the benefits of a sound customer data management strategy. In his spare time, he advises early-stage companies as a Techstars Mentor. Romain holds a Master's Degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics from Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris and is a proud father of two.