Announcing: The tres-transparent, all-new Hull Dashboard

Hull sits at the heart of your martech stack. Now, the new Hull Dashboard gives you a portal into all your customer data in a way you’ve never seen before.

And it’s a bit more French too.

Hull has a slick, stylish new interface.

Find & filter your customers data à la carte.

And now Hull complains when things are broken.

Voila! Here's the all-new Hull dashboard.

We noticed that teams on Hull who see more of their data do more with their data. So we’re excited to see what teams on Hull create with more transparency and control.

Hull has a slick, stylish new interface

The new Hull Dashboard introduces a new, cleaner, more organized view to manage Hull’s platform tools and control your data.

And now with keyboard shortcuts to tab between — a touch for you power users :)

Unified customer profiles

The Profiles view now show all your customer data in much cleaner, filterable view. The right hand timeline now includes data changed events.


Smarter segmentation tool

The cleaner segmentation tool captures cleans up of the more complex grouping logic we’ve spotted teams teams are building into a more stylish, readable interface.

Search through any user or account trait or event, and create the same powerful Hull Segments you’ve seen before.


Connectors Overview

Connectors have seen a complete overhaul too. You’ll find your list of Connectors now from the Overview page. You can tab through each Connector’s settings (for mapping data), documentation, logs, and workspace (for managing the connector)

Find & filter your customers data à la carte

Hull users already have a lot of control over their customer data

  • Transform any customer data with plain JavaScript in Processor
  • Build precise, real-time Segments from all your customer data
  • Map and Sync Users, Traits, and Segments to your other tools in real-time

Now, you can find the data you’re looking for much easier.

NEW: Search for anything

In the top right hand corner, search for names & emails of users, segments, and connectors inside your Hull Organization.

Query even richer logs

Question and query the raison d'être of each record of data with our refresh, deeper Hull Logs.

Logs let you see precisely how data is processed within hull. We now have three new views to explore.

  1. Volume of a message type — quickly spot which types of messages being processed
  2. Volume by connector — see how each of your connectors are processing data
  3. Volume by user — see which users have the most updates and messages (good for spotting infinite loops)

Hull Logs are fully dynamic and update in real-time. Pick and choose the views that are most useful to you and your operation. like outgoing.user.error.

NEW: Attributes view

Most teams have hundreds; some teams have thousands of attributes to describe people and companies in Hull.

With the new Attributes view in the main nav, you can see and manage all of this in one place. Hide unused attributes, enable & disable tracking of changes for each Attribute. Also see which connectors “touch” and change each attribute (particularly useful for form fills).

NEW: Attributes affected view

As well as the main Attibutes view, you now have a view of all the Attributes a tool has ever created or changed, and when they last ran an update. Find this on the left hand column of each Connector’s Overview page.

NEW: Attributes changed events

In the User details, see which connector triggered a change of attributes in their event timeline. Click on any user attribute in the User Details view to see it's changelog as Attribute Changes.

Hull complains when things are broken

Of course, it wouldn't be French if it didn't complain when things aren't up-to-standard...

We see growth, operations & engineering teams spending hours-and-hours in Hull wiring together different tools. But, when you’re wiring together lots of data flows from many separate services, sometimes things go wrong. For instance:

  • Incorrect data formats
  • Incorrect data mapping
  • API credits expired
  • 3rd party service outage
  • Hull platform status

Without Hull, these errors are lost into the ether and impossible to trace. With all your customer data flowing through Hull, you’ll know all about it and what you need to do.

Connector status

On the Overview page, you’ll find the list of connectors. Here you can see a summary of all your connectors, their data flows, and their status. You can click into each connector and see the detail of the error you need to resolve.

This highlights the areas you need to review.


Hull will proactively tell you about activity and data flows it thinks you should know about across the platform and every connector.

All notifications are visible at the top of the new dashboard together. Now you have a true snail trail and set of tasks to fix up your customer data correctly.

Platform Status

Hull will tell you about the operational status of the platform and every connector from within the new Hull dashboard. Find a link to at the top.

Change log

You can now see notifications too with a change log of all recent updates. You can also view this at too.

API call consumption

You can now see how much of your daily API limit is consumed by Hull for each tool. From the Connectors > Overview page on each Connector, you can see a chart showing how Hull is working through your API calls, and (where available) your remaining API calls for the day - even if you have other tools connected there.

This is for teams we notice teams using tools with daily paid API limits (like Salesforce) or paid API credits (like data enrichment providers).

New to Hull?

With the new dashboard, Hull gives you complete visibility over your customer data operations.

If you’re a B2B SaaS company trying to scale, and your data is still siloed within tools within teams, take a look at the Hull customer data platform.

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