B2B Growth Mentor Musings: Aazar Ali Shad

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Mentor Musings Aazar Ali Shad

Aazar Ali Shad is Head of Growth of Userpilot, Ex-Founder of ECOMPLY and has been helping SaaS organizations grow with his experience in SEO, email marketing, outbound marketing, and content marketing for the past 5 years.

In a few words or phrases, what does growth mean to you?

Growth is to validate, iterate, test and increase revenue. It's the single most important factor that keeps me moving.

In your experience, what has been the most impactful growth lever?

SEO - Not many companies exploit SEO as much. It's an honest, simple and impactful growth lever.

The other is Product-Led Growth, it helps you increase your acquisition without increasing your ad budget.

What is the biggest misconception out there in the field of growth?

  1. Having too many users will increase revenue
  2. Increasing website traffic will increase revenues or signups
  3. Focus on Omni-channel - I think you should focus on channel at a time

Any "must have" tools or technology you use?

  • Ahrefs/Mangools for SEO
  • ProfitWell to stay on top of your revenues
  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot
  • Drift
  • Userpilot

Future outlook: what's next on your agenda?

Advertising - Google and FB ads

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