New product feature: Batch update your Hull User & Account attribute values with a few clicks

We all know how dirty, misaligned data can wreak havoc on our go-to-market campaigns and reporting initiatives. That's why we're so excited to announce this new feature that offers our customers a simple, code-free way to standardize, clean, update your data! From within the Hull Dashboard, you can now change your User and Account attribute values with just a few clicks, then propagate the changes to all your connected systems automatically.

You heard us right, that means every single one of your tools can present the same data with a quick tweak in Hull. Make one-off modifications to single Users or Accounts, or change multiple records all at once. When you centralize and streamline your data operations in Hull, you end up saving loads of time, paving the way for your go-to-market programs to succeed.

How does it work?

Navigate to the User or Account section of the Hull Dashboard, then select the Users or Accounts that you'd like to modify by clicking the checkbox on the far left hand side of the list screen.

Dashboard Screenshot_Select Users Checkbox

Now, click on "User Actions" and then "Edit".

Dashboard Screenshot_Edit Users

A pop-up modal will now appear.

Dashboard Screenshot_Attribute Update Pop-up Modal

Next, you'll select the attribute that you want to update by clicking "Select An Attribute".

Dashboard Screenshot_Attribute Update Select Attribute

Once you've selected an attribute, type in the value that you want to set.

Dashboard Screenshot_Attribute Update Replace Value

Then, click "Ok, edit users"!

You've now kicked off a job to update a particular attribute on your users. Remember: you can also edit multiple values if you would like by clicking "Add a new item" as well.

The time which it takes to complete the background job will depend on how many Users or Accounts you wanted to edit and how much traffic is currently being processed in your organization. This will also automatically propagate the change to all of your connected systems that utilize this attribute.

Watch a 2-minute demo

Tim Liu

Tim Liu is the Head of Product at Hull. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife and three kids, trying new restaurants, and getting the best deal on live lobsters.