10 Reasons Why Clearbit Is Better With Hull

At Hull, we ♥ Clearbit. Many of our customers who sell B2B customers depend on Clearbit data to convert more leads and close more deals.

By using Hull’s customer data platform, they can get all the data they need (including Clearbit data) into the tools that their teams want to use. Even if you’re not sure how a customer data platform works, here are ten simple reasons why it is better to use your Clearbit data through Hull.

Hull - Clearbit quotes

Reason #10: Make your Clearbit data work for you everywhere automatically

Sometimes, it takes a lot of work to manage Clearbit data. You might already have one-off batch requests, filtering, and formatting the data before uploading it to another tool - but these are only meant for one-offs. Hull makes it scalable and repeatable.

Hull connects to all your tools once and works in the background digesting, transforming, and syncing data to where it needs to be - including all your Clearbit data.

Website visitors? Automatically Reveal them.

New leads? Automatically enrich them.

New campaign? Run the prospector and automatically sync them to all the right tools.

Set it up and let it run. It just works.

Hull Clearbit Enrichment settings

Reason #9: More control over your Clearbit data than Segment or Zapier

Segment and Zapier are great for piping your data from one place to another. At Hull, we use Segment for our website analytics tracking. We’re a big fan of their “track once, send anywhere” tracking APIs.

But, with Clearbit data it’s not usually as simple as sending data to a different tool. The full payload from Clearbit Enrichment is now over 120 data points - that’s a lot of data.

Teams want more control over precisely what Clearbit data goes where, without it being a burden to manage.

Hull - Control Clearbit data

With Hull, it takes a few clicks to control who gets enriched, prospected, and revealed with Hull segments.

Within each integration, you can select what data you want to be mapped to which field in another tool. If the data isn’t able to be mapped, you can transform that data to fit with the Hull Processor.

You can also “replay” your Clearbit enrichment over old leads and customers - simply push them all to Clearbit and see the data returned to their Hull profiles.

Reason #8: Quick and easy prospecting, synced immediately to all your tools.

Clearbit’s Prospector is usually only available inside Salesforce. Hull has an interface to query Clearbit Prospector from within Hull, then push those prospects to all your tools automatically. No more "lift and shift" export-spreadsheet-tidyup-import prospecting.

There are two ways Hull can interact with Clearbit Prospector. The first is our one-off, "manual" Prospector tool. This returns a profiles from your query, and creates a Hull profile for them (or adds the Clearbit data to a matching Hull profile already).

Hull Clearbit Prospector UI Manual

You can also run the Prospector automatically. Whenever someone enters a segment, like Demo Requests in the example below, you can trigger the Prospector to find matching job roles and job titles from that company. This is handy for identifying all the stakeholders in a company for closing a deal.

Hull Clearbit Prospector automatic

These prospects can then be added to a segment by including the Clearbit Prospected at tag. This segment of person profiles can then be synced to all your tools, like a Facebook Custom Audience. See this example segment inside Hull.

Hull Clearbit Prospector segment

Reason #7: Use Clearbit data for marketing before it hits Salesforce

Most go-to-market teams in our space build on top of Salesforce, and it makes tons of sense to enrich contacts and accounts Salesforce directly with Clearbit data whilst sales are working them. Clearbit’s own integration here maintains and updates your records inside Salesforce, so you have reliable, dependable data for your teams to use.

But, sales isn’t the only team which can benefit from Clearbit data. Marketing needs to be able to leverage Clearbit data to convert and qualify leads, and sales crave a cleaner Salesforce setup without junk leads.

Hull Clearbit Mareting outside of Salesforce

Matt Lovett, CEO at Oz Content is a Clearbit customer with a HubSpot-Salesforce stack. He struggled with moving their Clearbit data out of Salesforce upstream to marketing.

Hubspot and Salesforce both have a role to play. Using that as a central repository was not the role they needed to play. There was a lot of friction in moving data from one to the other. Neither platform was built for doing that in a flexible manner.

Matt LovettCEO, Oz Content

Read the Oz Content case study: How Oz Content increased marketing-sourced qualified leads 20X

Hull offers an alternative. As a customer data platform, Hull is the central repository for all your leads and customer data. Connect to all your tools and databases, then combine all their data into one “master” profile for each person and account. Now you can push Clearbit and other data to all your marketing tools in real-time, without filling up Salesforce first.

Reason #6: Combine Clearbit with your other customer data with ease

Clearbit data isn’t the only type of customer data. Even Clearbit themselves have other non-Clearbit data to leverage like:

  • Lifecycle stage
  • Product usage
  • Website analytics
  • Email engagement
  • Live chat conversations

Hull lets you combine and act on all this data in real-time. Plug in data from your CRM, email tools, backend database, analytics, live chat, and so on - Hull builds one “master” profile with everything about them, and everything they’ve ever done, according to every tool that’s connected.

Hull helps sales and marketing teams combine their data to use in another tool - like Appcues using Clearbit data with product usage to deliver qualified leads to sales.

Read the Appcues case study: How Appcues use Segment and Clearbit with Hull to unqualify 30% of trial users from sales

Reason #5: HubSpot-Clearbit integration you can setup in minutes

Hull has many integrations including HubSpot and Clearbit. You can configure your integrations to enrich your contacts and companies inside HubSpot with the Clearbit data that you choose.

  • Personalize your email and messaging templates
  • Segment your email and leads lists
  • Trigger smarter HubSpot workflows

Hull HubSpot settings with Clearbit data

With HubSpot’s recent announcement of the new “Customer Hub” for support, you’ll be able to use Clearbit data across the entire customer lifecycle with Hull. You’ll be able to maximize conversions with HubSpot’s marketing tools, close deals faster in HubSpot CRM, and hone in on your customer accounts with the help of your Clearbit data.

Reason #4: Unlock Clearbit’s “secret” products

Not every Clearbit customer is aware of all their different APIs and products. Whilst Clearbit focus on their deep Salesforce integration, Reveal and Enrichment products, they also have products like Clearbit Discovery (now part of Clearbit Prospector).

Clearbit Discovery can fill your accounts list faster than anything. Here’s how Clearbit explains it…

Our Discovery API lets you search for companies via specific criteria. For example, you could search for all companies with a specific funding, that use a certain technology, or that are similar to your existing customers.


With Hull’s Clearbit integration, you can trigger Clearbit Discovery automatically based on conditions you define. For instance, to find lookalike accounts to your best fit leads, customers, or in the example below - demo requests.

Hull Clearbit Discovery settings

Reason #3: We’ll setup your Clearbit data flows with you

Clearbit can provide the data you need, but too often it’s hard to correctly feed that data into the tools you want to use. Hull takes ownership of this problem.

At Hull, we aim to set you up for success - end-to-end white glove service. With Hull’s integrations, Clearbit’s data, and our joint customer success teams, we can deliver the Clearbit data your teams need into the tools they want to use.

Reason #2: No developer needed.

We’ve done the technical work already. We love the Clearbit APIs for the options and flexibility they give, and we’ve built a deep integration. Most of our B2B customers depend on their Clearbit data through Hull.

If you’re not technical, Hull can help you manage your Clearbit data without begging developers or wrangling spreadsheets. Installing the Hull-Clearbit integration takes a few clicks. You copy in your API key and voila! Clearbit data ready to sync to all your tools.

Hull Add Connector

Reason #1: Orchestrate all your Clearbit data without code

Clearbit data on its own is useful, but by joining up each Clearbit product together, you can start to get incredible results. Reveal + Prospector + Enrichment becomes something greater than the sum of its parts.

Product Send data Return data
Reveal IP address Company domain name + company data
Prospector Company domain name + job roles List of prospects with email addresses
Enrichment Email addresses 120+ data points around that person

Here are a few simple, easy-to-implement recipes which can combine them together by “looping” Clearbit products together.

Turn one demo request contact into 10 from the same company

Give your sales team the complete picture, and engage every stakeholder in the company.

  1. Run Clearbit Prospector over the domain name from a demo request
  2. Add returned prospects to the account
  3. Engage those prospects from the company

Retargeting ads to every stakeholder in the company

Instead of retargeting one person and one device, retarget every person that matters across every device

  • Setup Clearbit Reveal to show you anonymous website traffic. This returns a domain name.
  • Run Clearbit Prospector over the “revealed” domain name”
  • Create an ad audience of “revealed prospects”
  • Create a retargeting ad campaign

Retargeting emails to website visitors with the “Reveal Loop”

Scale, automate, and personalize your SDR outreach with all three Clearbit products.

  • Setup Clearbit Reveal to show you anonymous website traffic. This returns a domain name.
  • (Check if this is a customer, partner, opportunity, competitor, and if they’re a “good fit” account)
  • Run Clearbit Prospector over the “revealed” domain name”
  • Create a list of outbound prospects
  • Create an email cadence in your email tool of choice

Learn more about the Reveal Loop for scaling account-based marketing.

Read the Segment case study in the Clearbit Data-Driven Sales book: How Segment make over $10,000/day in net new revenue with the Reveal Loop.

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