Criteria Corp Introduces Account-Based Selling with Hull

Criteria is a technology company dedicated to changing the way employers find and hire great talent.

"Without Hull, a lot of inbound leads would get lost between our go-to-market systems. We would have to do bulk imports and exports and de-duplication all day long, and there would be a lot of human error along the way that would cause discrepancies in our data."

Mark Pachulski, Sales Development Manager

Results Summary

  • Introduction of account-based selling thanks to an accurate, real-time and centralized view of each account made readily available for SDRs
  • Confidence in data accuracy and increased operational efficiency, including 34 hours per week saved on manually copy and pasting data, due to automated lead flow
  • Accelerated lead-to-meeting time as a result of more timely and accurate data that allows for faster and smarter SDR outreach

Improving SDR Outreach

Criteria offers a disruptive SaaS platform based on I/O psychology that enables organizations to better manage their most important asset -- their human capital. Over 3,000 businesses rely on Criteria’s state-of-the-art assessment platform to increase the effectiveness of their employee selection and retention process.

The Criteria SDR team handles a mix of cold outreach and follow up for inbound leads passed over from marketing. While the SDR team works in Outreach, the marketing team works in Hubspot. Ideally, the moment inbound leads get generated in Hubspot, that data will flow to Outreach for the SDR team to pick up and Outreach will mirror Hubspot’s account mapping.

Unfortunately, that ideal lead flow and account mapping proved difficult for Criteria to achieve because of a disconnect between Hubspot and Outreach. While Criteria did have a system in place to connect the two, the technology was error-prone and glitchy, making it an unreliable solution. As a result, the SDR team ended up spending significant time copy and pasting data and manually configuring information. To eliminate this manual work and arm the SDR team with more accurate, real-time information, Criteria began the search for a new solution that could connect all of its go-to-market systems.

Finding the Right Solution

As Criteria began to search for a new solution to connect Hubspot and Outreach, the team outlined what their ideal technology would deliver.

“We needed the ability to get time-sensitive leads from one system to another in real-time, and it was crucial for the system to be able to build logic from one program to another to allow for account-based selling. Finally, we needed the data to talk in both directions to help us keep everything consistent and eliminate the need for manual imports and exports,” shares Mark Pachulski, Sales Development Manager at Criteria. Following a referral from Outreach, Criteria found Hull and immediately saw how the CDP could meet its needs. Pachulski was instantly attracted to Hull’s ability to seamlessly connect all of Criteria’s go-to-market systems to enable real-time and accurate two-way communication and account mapping. Equally as important, Hull offered easy access to the system and did not require additional IT support -- something that stood in stark contrast to Pachulski’s experiences with previous technologies.

Pachulski reports that the decision to implement Hull was an easy one. And the implementation was just as easy, with Criteria up and running on Hull in under three weeks.

I really appreciate that Hull is an open platform that I can easily access. With our previous solution, I had to rely on someone to do things in the backend for me and basically had to ask permission to make tweaks. With Hull, I actually have access to the backend if I ever need it and it’s simple to make changes.

Aligning Data for More Intelligent Sales Conversations

Criteria has realized numerous benefits since implementing Hull. The most immediate value to come from Hull has been operational efficiency thanks to automating and streamlining lead flow and saving time on research. In total, Hull has saved the team 34 hours per week that they previously spent manually copy and pasting data. But that’s only the beginning.

Most notably, Hull has also allowed the Criteria SDR team to execute account-based selling by making it easy to mirror the account views that exist in Hubspot in Outreach, which does not natively have these views. Now, the team can easily pull up a company record in Outreach and see all the activity associated with different contacts at that account from a single pane. This view gives SDRs context on previous conversations within an account, which allows them to have more informed and relevant conversations that make the experience feel seamless for prospects.

The account-based view also minimizes what Pachulski calls “duplicate-touches”, in which SDRs reach out to customers or people already taking to sales. “That looks sloppy, but when Hull wasn't up and running, it happened too often. It caused pain across all the teams because it looks bad if we're trying to upsell an account or we're talking to the top decision maker at a company and then suddenly their team gets a bunch of SDR emails,” he explains.

Finally, Hull has helped Criteria accelerate lead-to-meeting time by allowing the SDR team to focus more on execution. It does so by enabling faster follow ups for inbound leads and minimizing time spent on research. “A common practice in prospecting is doing a 3x3, which is three minutes of research and finding three talking points about a company before making a call. That information is basically at our SDRs’ fingertips immediately thanks to Hull,” Pachulski adds.

“I’m very impressed with the Hull’s customer service. Our main point of contact has always helped us right away and he proactively teaches us the ins and outs of the platform. That’s allowed us to be self service, which is impressive since I’m not a technical person.” - Mark Pachulski, Sales Development Manager at Criteria

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