Chapter 1: How the customer stack simplies everything

Customer data has many moving parts - tools, teams, and data. Start with a simple four-part model to explain how customer data should flow in a closed loop.

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Chapter 2: How to wipe out your 34 layers of customer data puke

Data is often a complete mess. Before your data is usable in whatever tool or database you need it, you need to cleanse it. Learn how with our combine-connect-compute framework.

Chapter 3: How to fix your SaaS fRaNkenSTaCk

Your customer data is siloed and scattered across different tools owned by different teams. Learn which of the seven common data integration methods works best for your startup.

Chapter 4: Cloud orchestration with customer data

Your tools, teams, and data can become more than the sum of their parts. With clean, integrated customer data, how can you use it to scale, automate, personalise your entire customer journey?

Chapter 5: How to regain control over your sales, marketing and customer facing teams

All customer data management comes down to people. Teams own tools. Tools own data. How do you bring your "Wild West" of tools, teams, and data under control?

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