Introducing Free Trials At Hull: Unify & Sync Customer Data

Hull gives one platform to unify & sync data across all your tools & databases in real-time.

From today, you can sign up and try out Hull free for 14-days with your own data - without having to talk to one of our product experts or solution engineers (though you can still book a demo if you'd like to).

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Unify & sync data across your tools, tracking & databases in real-time with Hull's customer data platform.

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Why it's hard to build your marketing stack

With data integration, everyone shares the same problem (your tools, teams & data don't talk to each other), but everyone solves it differently.

Because your business model and data model are different to everyone else...

Because one tool or database can't always talk to another...

Because a spiderweb of integrations takes Einstein to understand & maintain...

Because each team's process requires a different method...

And because all your teams depend on customer data in some way...

Rarely do teams have the time and headspace to perfectly architect your martech stack from scratch. Instead, most teams improvise within the chaos of day-to-day problems. Less Michelangelo, more MacGyver.

To move fast, the MacGyver's of martech - growth engineers, revenue operations, marketing automation specialists - need to get their hands dirty and submerge new tools in real-world problems like CRM and database integration, lead scoring & qualification, and fixing broken data flows.

And there's no better way to get started than to test drive a tool with your own data (together with best practice guides).

Hull Free Trials make it seamless to test and iterate on your martech stack

Instead of struggling with your data and logic in multiple places, Hull gives you one platform to build and iterate on all your customer data flows.

  • Combine data from all your tools, tracking & databases into one unified customer profile - a single view of each person and company.
  • Transform data in any way to cleanse, score & unify with plain JavaScript using Processor
  • Query and segment your entire customer database in real-time with Hull's segmentation engine
  • Map, filter & sync people, companies, attributes, events & segments across all your tools, all in real-time with connectors.
  • Review all your data flows through logs on each profile and connector

With Hull Free Trial, you can test unifying and syncing your customer data. Here are five ideas you can test-drive today.

Test Drive Idea #1: Pre-qualify leads for sales

One of our most common first use cases is qualifying leads for sales reps using your existing data - the key for driving sales & marketing alignment.

Instead of sending every sign up or demo request, use data enrichment like Clearbit (try Clearbit for free too) and tracking data from your website or product to identify and prioritize best-fit engaged accounts.

Typically, teams are doubling the number of qualified leads and sales reps are able to spot & close the best accounts faster.

Learn how to pre-qualify leads for sales on Hull, or sign up now and try it out.

Test Drive Idea #2: Automate sales outreach

Often, sales reps outreach is not fed with real-time triggers from leads and customers - they have to reach out cold.

With Hull, you can connect tracking data from your leads & customers as they move through the buying cycle and use that to trigger personalized sales outreach. See how Appcues increased sales conversions by 70%.

Learn how to setup automated sales enablement on Hull, or sign up now and try it out.

Test Drive Idea #3: Connect your backend database with your CRM

Often, backend databases or data warehouse (with product usage data) does not talk to your CRM. This leaves sales blind to how people are using & buying your product.

With Hull, you can fetch updates from your SQL backend and map that into your CRM.

Learn how to setup database integration on Hull, or sign up now and try it out.

Test Drive Idea #4: Collapse complex integration & zap workflows


Native integrations and workflow tools can be very effective with a low number of tools in your system. As you add more tools, tracking & databases, this becomes much more complex to map and maintain.


Instead of trying to point everything to everything else, unify your customer data through Hull's customer data platform - Hull sits at the center of your marketing stack - which makes it radically simpler to manage complex data at scale.

Get a custom demo and try Hull Free for 14 days.

Low-touch sales conversion rate increased 70%, ASP [average sale price] increased 25%, and ARR [annual recurring revenue] closed in the quarter increased 60% over our 4Q’17 levels. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars converted to ARR.

Jack MobergerAppcues

Test Drive Idea #5: Start implementing account-based marketing

Best practice in account-based marketing involves matching your best-fit accounts with intent and engagement data. This means tracking their progress through the buying journey.

Hull enables you to track anonymous & identified people engaging with your brand, and link their actions at the account level. You can trigger prospecting and engage contacts across multiple channels through multiple connected tools.

ABM orchestration will involve many moving parts, but the best teams get started with a first use case that works end-to-end.

Learn how to setup ABM orchestration on Hull, or request a custom demo and try it out.

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Unify & sync data across your tools, tracking & databases in real-time with Hull's customer data platform.

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