How To Stay GDPR Compliant In 2019 With

On May 25th, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation comes in enforcement in the European Union. As the customer data platform of choice for many European and Global software startups, we’ll be GDPR compliant as a company, and as a data processor by March 1st, 2018.

Besides our role as a "Data Controller" managing our own data about our firms, GDPR impacts our role as a "Data Processor" on behalf of our customers as their central source of customer data.

There's three themes to our compliance measures:

  • We’re updating our Privacy Policy and documentation to outline how we capture, unify, process, and sync personally identifiable data.

  • Adding more flexibility to remove users and manage opt-in / opt-out through Hull and across different tools and databases

  • Defining our internal policies for managing compliance requests including subject access, complaints handling, data handling, security checklists, and onboarding-offboarding checklists

How Hull helps you become GDPR compliant

Hull can help your own company become more GDPR compliant. A unified, tracked-and-traced, secure view of each person’s data has and always will be included by default with each Hull Organization.

With respect to three of the most complex Articles to implement, Hull’s customer data platform can radically streamline and improve your ability to respond to compliance requests.

In particular, I'd like to highlight three of the Articles in GDPR and how Hull can help.

Obligation to provide sources

Articles 13 & Articles 14: Hull Profiles and Logs include timestamped sources of all data fetched into each Hull Organization, including data directly from the person and not.

Right to be Forgotten

Article 17: All data on each person’s Profile can be deleted on request. We will be adding deletion to propagate to other tools too as each integration and API is upgraded. This will enable you to respond to deletion requests seamlessly (like syncing email unsubscription across tools today).

Right to data portability

Article 20: A complete extract of the entire profile from all your sources, including all data processing, is possible from the Hull Profiles and Logs in .csv and .json format. By exporting from a unified customer profile, you know you have the complete picture to respond to data requests faster

If you have any questions about the GDPR or want to learn how Hull can help you be compliant, please let us know.

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Stephane Bellity

Co-Founder and CTO at Hull, based in Paris