Hull's Future as part of MessageBird

We announced earlier this year that MessageBird, the global leader in omnichannel communications, acquired Hull. Since then our teams have been working together to define the future of our platform at the frontier of omnichannel communications.

MessageBird’s mission is to create a world where communicating with a business feels as easy and natural as communicating with a friend. Over the last 10 years, MessageBird has changed the way businesses communicate through applications like Flow Builder and Inbox and by providing developers with easy-to-use APIs on a platform that powers over 4.6 trillion messages, calls, and emails each year.

By integrating with the MessageBird team we will be able to accelerate our original vision and enable businesses to create personalized experiences for consumers across the globe. After careful consideration, we have decided that to deliver on this vision we have to say goodbye to the Hull platform in its current form. The Hull platform will shut down on 31 December 2022, and we will continue to invest our time and energy into building the communications platform of the future.

We know that you rely on Hull’s platform everyday to find the insights that matter most for your business. And that is why we will continue to offer you support on the Hull platform until 31 Aug 2022, giving you the time you need to transition your data and reach out to us with your questions. Hull will no longer be accessible after 31 December 2022.

Our priority and commitment during this period is to make sure that Hull is as reliable, stable, up to date and secure as it has always been for you. So we will roll out bug fixes and patches as necessary to ensure that your business can continue to run. But, we will not be rolling out any new features. This also means that you should take extra care when evolving your data flows because we will be unable to debug bespoke, customer-specific data flow issues with you as we have till now.

We know that you might have questions. And our priority is to help you find the answers that you need. So we’ve compiled this FAQ to help you find them. You can also reach out to if you have a question that we haven’t covered yet.

It has been an extraordinary journey building Hull, working with you and learning from amazing customers like you. Your support for Hull is the reason for our success and the foundation of our future. We are very grateful for it and are excited about what we will be able to bring you next.

Here are the key dates to remember:

  • The last day of Hull support: 31 Aug 2022
  • The last day of Hull access: 31 December 2022

Thank you Romain Dardour, CEO, Hull

Romain Dardour

Romain is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hull. An entrepreneur at heart, Romain has been building businesses for over 20 years. As CEO of Hull, Romain provides strategic direction for the company, builds key partnerships with industry leaders, and can often be found on the conference speaking circuit evangelizing the benefits of a sound customer data management strategy. In his spare time, he advises early-stage companies as a Techstars Mentor. Romain holds a Master's Degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics from Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris and is a proud father of two.