Hull Raises $2.6MM To Connect Your Sales & Marketing Tools

Atlanta - January 26th, 2017 Hull, the customer data management platform and TechStars alumni raises $2.6 million in seed investment. Alven Capital, together with Point Nine Capital were leading the round. Other notable investors include Kima Ventures, Newfund Capital, Solomon Hykes (Founder at Docker), Thibaud Elziere (Founder at eFounders), Matthieu Vaxelaire (CEO at Mention), Fabien Penso (CTO at Stuart). The financing will be used to further grow the team in Atlanta and Paris and continue to develop the Hull product offering.

Marketers, Sales and Customer success use more and more SaaS tools on a daily basis. Each tool operates with its own set of customer actions and profile data - not working together. Because sales and marketing are rarely a development priority for in-house engineers, the customer data remains siloed in dozens of different tools. Marketers are forced to leverage one-off automations like Zapier or manual Excel exports and imports which don’t scale with the number of processes and tools. Hull changes this approach by connecting these tools.

Using the Hull platform, customer facing teams are now able to manage, view and safely sync the customer data between the tools they use every day such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom and Mailchimp, and out to other tools such as advertising networks like Facebook Custom Audiences and collaboration tools like Slack.

Companies are using multiple cloud based tools for their customer lifecycle, such as sales, marketing and customer success and support. Even users of 'all-in-one' suites like HubSpot and Intercom will always rely on other tools to achieve their goals. For instance, 1 in 5 active Intercom users have other email and marketing automation tools such as Mailchimp. This is the very problem we set out to solve; We enable these tools and their datasets to work together in harmony. - Stefan Koenig, CEO.

For example, Hull can optimize a salesperson’s workflow by combining actions from highly valuable leads and qualify their profile with data from third parties like Clearbit in order to provide a consolidated ‘master’ profile. The Hull profile can then be synced in realtime to your sales CRM like Salesforce and HubSpot in order to provide your sales team with the insights they need to communicate effectively with each lead, while also notifying the right team on Slack.

From there, you can easily transform, enrich and segment user data with full access to their entire profile and apply custom logic before data goes out again to another service. Hull acts like an turnkey ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) data pipeline tailored for sales and marketing. Previously this would only have been possible to build and maintain with a developer, but with Hull you can set it up to run automatically in just a few clicks. Some Hull customers are maintaining a user base consisting of millions of users.

The overall benefit of providing this harmony between tools, is that companies can now maintain one holistic view of their customers, become more prescriptive to their prospects and ultimately drive process improvement throughout their Sales, Marketing and Customer Success departments. Tools, teams and data can become more than the sum of their parts.

Aligning customer audiences across multiple tools is a pain that all marketing & growth teams face. Because Hull centralizes the data store & segmentation engine we've reduced campaign overhead dramatically. - Guillaume Cabane, VP Growth at Segment

As Saas fragmentation increases and requires converging nodes, we are thrilled to help Hull's founders scale their unique technology to bring every marketer a real-time 360 understanding of its user. We are convinced Hull can become marketers' future front interface to segment, orchestrate and drive more performance from a smarter data stack. - François Meteyer, Alven Capital.

As companies are adding more and more SaaS applications to their toolstack, critical customer data often gets dispersed over a multitude of applications. With Hull, you can finally regain control over all your customer data. - Christoph Janz, Point Nine Capital.

About Alven Capital

Paris-based Alven Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm with over $500 million under management. Alven backs primarily ambitious French and French-related entrepreneurs in the digital technology space. Alven’s sectors of interest include notably AI, data-driven platforms, Saas, security solutions, as well as disruptive consumer models with a particular focus on marketplaces and web brands. Past or current investments include Algolia, Dataiku, Drivy, Happn, (Facebook), CaptainTrain (Trainline/KKR), Bime Analytics (Zendesk), Frichti, Tinyclues, iAdvize, Peopledoc and Wynd.

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About Point Nine Capital

Point Nine Capital is a Berlin-based venture capital firm focused exclusively on early-stage Internet investments. Since its inception in 2011, Point Nine has invested in SaaS startups such as Algolia, Contentful and Typeform as well as in online marketplaces like DocPlanner and StarOfService. Before starting Point Nine, the firm’s founding partners Pawel Chudzinski and Christoph Janz have been among the earliest backers of a number of highly successful Internet companies such as Delivery Hero, Westwing and Zendesk.

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About Hull

Hull is a customer data platform, based in Atlanta and Paris. Since Techstars 2013, Hull has joined the Alven Capital and Point Nine Capital portfolios. Hull gives sales and marketing teams the power to put the customer actions and profile data they need into the tools they use - all without a single line of code. Hull manages customer data for client with millions of users, including B2B brands like Mention, Segment, Geckoboard and Lengow.

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