Hull launches new integration with leading workflow engine, Zapier

We are so excited to announce the launch of our newest connector: Zapier. Together, Hull and Zapier offer the combined power of data and workflows to let marketers scale their automation initiatives, elevate their marketing campaigns, and grow their businesses.

Trigger workflows based on Hull events

With our new Zapier connector, your data within Hull can be activated across Zapier's 1,500+ supported tools.

Trigger workflows inside Zapier based on the following events inside Hull:

  • a User entered a Segment
  • a User left a Segment
  • an Account entered a Segment
  • an Account left a Segment
  • a User Attribute was updated
  • an Account Attribute was updated
  • a User Event was created
  • a User was created
  • an Account was created

Screenshot 2019-11-26 at 17.31.05

Here's an example: Send a personalized message to your lead through Intercom when they enter your highly qualified segment called Web Sign-ups with Lead Score > 50.

Perform actions within Hull based on Zapier triggers

Our connector also allows you to update and change data within Hull based on Zapier triggers:

  • Create or update an Account
  • Create or update a User
  • Create a User Event
  • Search for an Account
  • Search for a User

Here's an example: You can now add new events to your User timelines based on actions they've taken in other tools. One popular onboarding tool, Appcues, tracks key activities like User added a collaborator. Trigger a Zap to create this event in your Hull User timeline — from there, sync this event out to other tools, create segments based on this event, and more.

Want to check it out? Or see other use cases in action? Contact your Hull rep or request a demo today.

Jules Boiteux

Jules is the Product Manager at Hull.