Content Mapping to Fix your Stone Age Messaging

There are two types of marketers; those who work in the Stone Age, and those who leverage customer data.

One sends generic, send-to-all spam - “publish it and they will come”.

The other sends 1:1 personalized, automated messages at scale.

At your...

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Lifecycle Marketing: The fourth marketing key beyond Series B

$10 million ARR is a lofty goal. But what separates the teams that struggle to grow much beyond the $10 million milestone, and those that punch through it and grow even faster?

Your role as marketing expands into four key areas. You’re probably executing...

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Customer data management framework: The Customer Stack

Bewildered by 5000+ Martech tools? Unsure of best practices for using marketing technology? Questioning how you use dozens of separate tools together effectively? This customer data management guide is for you.

First step. Stop calling it a “Marketing...

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Beyond personas: How to build an ideal customer profile process

Startup team alignment is spelled. I.C.P.

Ideal. Customer. Profile.

If and only if you have a clear ideal customer profile, then you can align and optimize all your customer-facing teams - sales, marketing, customer success, product, support, founders...

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Dynamic Content Beyond "Hi {firstname}" for Advanced Growth Teams

Personalization. In a world of abundant data. Why can't we do any better than “Hi {firstname}” ?!

With all our analytics tools, advanced CRMs, customer profiling, and feedback systems - our messaging is still in the stone age.

“Hi firstname” (and...

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