We've updated our Intercom Connector!

Today, we released the latest version of our Intercom Connector, which includes several significant upgrades in key areas.

Here are the highlights:

Added support for Intercom Companies

As you may know, the previous version of the Intercom Connector supported the synchronization of Intercom Users to Hull Users. The new version brings full bi-directional integration with Intercom Companies as well. This allows the mapping of your Hull Accounts to and from Intercom.

Hull Screenshot_Intercom Company Object

Full support for Intercom Leads

Our previous version had full support for Intercom Users, grouping Intercom Leads in with the same configuration. We heard from our customers that this setup was limiting, allowing only basic data flow scenarios.

The upgraded Intercom Connector introduces a separate configuration for Intercom Leads, allowing for more detailed identification and attribute mapping. Furthermore, Intercom Lead and Intercom User data is now stored separately on the Hull User profile which allows tracking data before and after conversion.

Hull Screenshot_Intercom Leads

Intercom API upgraded to latest version

Our upgraded Intercom Connector was built using the latest version of Intercom's API v2. The new API brings about some new features and attributes that can be fetched from Intercom into Hull.

Hull Screenshot_Intercom API

New technical framework

The new Intercom Connector was built on top of Hull's standardized connector framework, offering our customers a better, more stable, and reliable experience.

Ready to get started?

For Hull customers who do not have either version of the Intercom Connector installed, you may install it directly from the Connector Gallery if you'd like to get started using it!

For Hull customers currently using the previous version of the Intercom Connector and would like to switch to the new version, please reach out to support@hull.io to discuss your migration strategy.

Watch a brief video

Michal Raczka

Michal brings over six years of experience in product management, engineering, and scrum development methodology to his role as Product Owner at Hull. In his current role, he is responsible for maximizing the value of the Hull customer data platform for its customers and users. Prior to Hull, he held various technical positions across organizations large and small. He is passionate about the creative process and finding simple patterns in our complex world. Michal is proud to be a father and husband.