Introducing: Event Replay

Hull customers already know that User Events can be synced to your destination tools on an ongoing basis. But what if you need to backfill a customer's profile, say, in your CRM or marketing automation platform with a history of past User Events?

Now, you can with our newest feature: Event Replay.

Event Replay lets you backfill or resend Event data to select Users from right within the Hull Dashboard with just a few clicks. No spreadsheet uploads or code required.

Replay Events

Your Hull User Timelines can now sync up completely with your destination tools, giving you and your teams the visibility needed to get the job done.

Get started with Event Replay with our Guide: How to manually replay Events to destinations.

Tim Liu

Tim Liu is the Head of Product at Hull. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife and three kids, trying new restaurants, and getting the best deal on live lobsters.