How One SaaS Company Fixed Their 50% Demo Drop Off Rate

Lengow is a B2B SaaS company that offers a platform for e-Commerce companies to manage their products across multiple different channels.

Like many B2B SaaS businesses, Lengow has a product demo as part of it’s marketing and sales funnel. Additionally, like many B2B SaaS businesses, Lengow also found their sales team wasn’t using their time optimally, giving demos to unqualified leads and not being quick to follow up with their ideal leads either.

Lengow found a 50% drop in response rate from 2 hours after someone requested a demo. They needed to figure out whether a lead was a good fit, and take action quickly.

Here’s how they did it.

Automating Real-Time Lead Qualification

Lengow’s product delivers value based on the integrations a customer connects. Leads should be unqualified if they didn’t have matching technologies where Lengow could connect and provide value.

To understand the technographics of each new lead, Lengow uses Datanyze. Previously, this was a manual process that had to be done once a day. With Hull, they could connect to Datanyze and enrich their best new leads automatically. These results (including all the e-Commerce tools the lead’s company uses) would be appended to their profile inside of Hull.

Similarly, Lengow also cared about firmographics. They targeted specific geographical regions which they could service (based on language and timezone) as well as company size. Together with the Datanyze data, Lengow uses Clearbit to enrich their leads with company and person data too.

Previously this was a slow, manual, process managed in bulk. This could now be automated with Hull, by sending new demo requests to these tools and returning all the data points to a unified lead profile.

Hull also saves money on enrichment by making it easy to control which leads get enriched. Instead of plugging it directly into the CRM and attempting to enrich everyone, Lengow could save money on their Clearbit and Datanyze accounts by selectively choosing who to enrich.

With these data points, Lengow could specify their ideal customer fit using both technographics and firmographics as a segment inside of Hull. Now they would only sync new leads who perfectly fit this profile to their CRM.

Hull made this possible without needing a developer from Lengow. No internal politics "begging" product and engineering to build and maintain an integration.

What makes Hull priceless for us is you can do all those things without a huge amount of custom development.

Solving the 50% Demo Request Drop Off After 2 Hours

With the lead qualification automated, their sales team were directed to the right accounts Lengow could move to prioritize their recent demo requests.

Lengow found a 50%+ drop off in response rate within 2 hours of a demo being requested. They needed a process to qualify leads and then notify sales so a sales rep could take action in this tight window.

To make sure their sales team could take action quickly and effectively within this time, Lengow used Hull to send notifications when a new qualified lead requested a demo. This could be sent to many places for both the sales and marketing team to see - including Slack.

Inside Slack, they would receive a new notification in a channel complete with a profile summary of that lead with buttons to display the full profile including their latest actions. This made sure that both sales and marketing had full visibility over the same, unified set of data.

The notifications of new, qualified leads helped align sales and marketing, as well as prompt sales to take action on accounts which had a great fit and had just taken action.

Moreover, the marketing data (like UTM source and campaign) followed every lead throughout the marketing funnel and sales pipeline.

Sales could easily see that a lead was from marketing inside their CRM. This ensured sales could see and give credit to marketing for the leads they generated, restoring trust between the teams.

The most unexpected benefit was how it - relationship between marketing and sales is quite amazing. Before they weren’t keen on our leads. Now they say “I want this lead now. Give me this lead!”

With Hull, Lengow could automate previously manual tasks and take advantage of opportunities they previously missed through lack of data or not acting quickly enough.

  • Double qualified leads
  • Drastically improved sales efficiency
  • Prevented high quality leads from dropping off (after the 2-hour window)
  • Built a culture of sales trusting marketing leads

If you’re struggling to quickly and effectively qualify leads, despite having a wealth of data at your disposal, Hull can help coordinate your lead data so it can truly enable your sales team - without a developer. Breakthrough sales efficiency awaits.

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