What's new with Hull's Google Sheets Importer?

We are thrilled to announce a revamped version of Hull's Google Sheets Importer. You may be aware that the previous version of this Connector had basic configuration capabilities and was primarily focused on importing User data. We've made some game-changing updates that have made this Connector more robust, more flexible, and easier to use than ever before.

Here's what we've done:

Added functionality to import Accounts and User Events

Prior to this update, Hull customers using the Google Sheets Importer were limited to importing Users. Today, we've expanded supported objects by including Accounts, as well as User Events.

In the Add-on sidebar, you can now select the Import Type (Users, Accounts, User Events) from a dropdown menu.

Google Sheets Import Type

Better distinction between identity claims and attributes, Expanded identity claim options

Prior to this update, identity claims were grouped together with attributes and didn't allow for identifying Users with anonymous_id. Now, we've made defining your identities clearer by separating them out from your attributes, and making each identity claim (like email, external_id, and anonymous_id) available.

Google Sheets Claims Mapping

Row selection upon import

The previous version of the Connector required you to import the entire spreadsheet, including all rows. Our new update provides import flexibility by allowing you to highlight and select the specific rows you would like to import.

Google Sheets Row Selection & Selective Import

Improved UI for importing data into Groups

The previous version of the Connector allowed for data import into Groups, however, feedback from our customers highlighted some flaws in the presentation of this particular feature. We addressed this through some UI enhancements that make it easier to define and know exactly where your data will end up in Hull.

Google Sheets Import Group

Upgrade or get the new Connector today!

The new Google Sheets Importer is available in the gallery and requires installing the Hull Sheets Importer Google Add-on. The previous Connector and Add-on can be removed at any time.

For more details, please visit our Google Sheets Importer Documentation. Feedback, questions, or concerns can be sent to support@hull.io. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy importing :)

Watch this quick video tutorial

Michal Raczka

Michal brings over six years of experience in product management, engineering, and scrum development methodology to his role as Product Owner at Hull. In his current role, he is responsible for maximizing the value of the Hull customer data platform for its customers and users. Prior to Hull, he held various technical positions across organizations large and small. He is passionate about the creative process and finding simple patterns in our complex world. Michal is proud to be a father and husband.