Introducing Hull for Outreach: Automation for Sales Reps

For teams embracing sales enablement tools like Outreach, we see their sales reps become highly dependent on the quality and availability of data.

Sales reps crave context on their leads & prospects (WHO to talk to. WHAT to say. WHEN to reach out.) and they want that data in their single source of truth - their sales engagement tool.

But all the context they need is trapped in data, scattered and siloed across all your tools, tracking & databases like your:

  • Backend database & data warehouse
  • Prospecting databases
  • Marketing automation
  • Live chat tools
  • Payments processing
  • Data enrichment
  • Intent data

Not even Salesforce can easily join-the-dots and sync all of it seamlessly to sales reps.

That's why we're so excited to launch Hull for Outreach - the only real-time customer data platform meets the #1 sales engagement platform. Now you can unify & sync all your data to Outreach, all in real-time.

Marketing-scale automation in the hands of your sales reps.

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Hull for Outreach doesn't just connect Outreach to other key sales CRMs and marketing automation tools like HubSpot, Intercom, but it enables sales reps to be significantly more productive.

Here are the plays we are excited about at Hull.

Automate Smarter Sales Triggers

In Outreach, you can create Triggers for Tasks and Sequences based on updates to a field.

With Hull, you can map & update fields with data from any of your tools, tracking & databases, all in real-time.

The best sales outreach we see is not blind cold outreach but tied closely to how a lead and account is moving through the buying journey.

With Hull, you can track the buying journey across an entire account including:

You can transform and map this data into fields to create real-time Triggers in Outreach to engage a lead & account at precisely the right time

At Appcues, their team has been using email marketing automation tools to send product-event triggered emails to increase sales conversion by 70%.

But since this isn't reviewed and controlled by a sales rep, their sales team doesn't have the confidence in scaling blind automation further.

[This] is not fully “automated.” This is intentional. Over-automation creates awkward mistakes. Contacting leads at inappropriate times (when they have an active support ticket, or you’ve just spoken on the phone) reveals the impersonal nature of automation. It also removes the charm of the otherwise personal, relevant-feeling communication.

Jack MobergerSales at Appcues

With Hull for Outreach, Appcues are able to take their existing product-triggered sales engagement and scale it for more. They want to move from a standard marketing drip sequence to a "highly enabled salesperson-gatekeeper" as the Appcues team describes it.

Hyper-Personalize Your Snippets & Templates

Hyper-personalization is the gateway to maximizing engagement with your target accounts - particularly when it is managed by one person. But it usually takes significant data processing to create the ultimate connected experience.

At Hull, we think of personalization strategy starts with three questions:

  1. WHO are you targeting?
  2. WHAT are you saying?
  3. WHEN are you saying it?

Using Hull's real-time segmentation tool, you can query your entire lead & customer database and create segments to filter which Users and Accounts are synced to each tool.

With Hull, you can do the heavy lifting with our data processing tools like Processor (transform data in any way using plain JavaScript) then map into fields in Outreach. Hull will update these in real-time.

Using Hull Segment and Attributes to control who is synced into Outreach and what is synced from their profile, you can create highly precise snippets and messaging.

As an aside, this is one area I'm most excited about. In my last role, we tried scaling one-to-many hyper-personalized emails like this - it drove 4X the click-through rate of anything else we sent. Read Lessons Learnt from 100,000 Outreach Emails

Automate Prospecting in Outreach Through Hull

As sales engagement becomes a core part of account-based marketing plays, it's critical to make sure your sales reps are talking to the right people.

Using Hull's Clearbit Prospector integration, you can prospect for the exact roles you need within target accounts, and sync them directly through to Outreach.

Synchronize Outreach With Marketing Campaigns

Hull's Outreach integration has two-way synchronization, so you can update Triggers in Outreach as well as update automation in your other tools.

Capture and sync your fields and notes, then use that to update segments and fields in other sales & marketing tools like:

Unify & Cleanse Your Outreach Data In Hull

Your sales reps crave context, but that should not come from messy data.

Often sales reps have to work with multiple competing sources of the same type of data.

Account data like Company Name or Prospect data like Job title might come from:

  • HubSpot form
  • Clearbit Enrichment
  • Product database from user signup
  • Stripe subscription
  • Outreach sales rep-entered data

And all say slightly different things. Hull enables you to order your different data sources to compute one unified attribute for each type of data - these are called fallback strategies (learn more about creating a single source of truth).

By creating fallback strategies in Hull to unify attributes, you only need to map one version of each type of data (like Job Title, Company Name etc.) into Outreach, not dozens. This means your sales reps will only ever be working with the most complete, most accurate, most up-to-date profile at any one time.

Follow the Sales Engagement Playbook

Hull for Outreach makes our customer's popular sales enablement playbook seamless. Combine data from all your tools & databases that are tracking the buying journey, and use that to trigger hyper-personalized sales outreach.

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