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26th January 2021

Upcoming Webinar Series: Your Data, Your Way

Hull launches a 5-part webinar series on February 3rd: Your Data, Your Way. Learn how to manage, transform, and control your data so it works the way you want it to.

21st January 2021

Introducing: Event Replay

Hull's newest product update offers a simplified way to backfill or resend User Events to your destination tools.

11th January 2021

Customer Data Platforms (CDP): What You Need To Know

Customer data platforms (CDPs) are helping companies better understand and act on data. In this blog, we dig into what CDPs really are, why they exist, who they're for, and how they're being used.

22nd December 2020

2020 Year In Review

A note from our CEO, Romain Dardour, on our 2020 accomplishments.

30th November 2020

How to manage opt-outs and unsubscribes across your entire tech stack

When your prospects opt out of your communications in one system, it’s critical you make sure to honor and reflect their request in other tools as well. Here’s what we recommend at Hull.

17th November 2020

Good Guys vs. Bad Data: How to Be a Data Quality Hero

Hull Head of Product, Tim Liu, joined Sonar Co-founder and CEO, Brad Smith, for a webinar on how to manage and prevent bad data from derailing your go-to-market efforts.

10th November 2020

How Pusher Uses Customer Behavior Data to Drive Growth & Retention

Forward-thinking B2B SaaS companies like Pusher know that just using attribute-based data in marketing can only go so far. Watch the webinar replay to learn how they put behavioral data into action.

29th October 2020

Upcoming Webinar: How Pusher Drives Growth & Retention with Customer Behavior Data

Join us on November 10th as we dive into how Pusher drives growth and retention leveraging customer behavior data.

19th October 2020

Introducing: Google Single Sign On (SSO) for Hull

At Hull, we're taking steps to ensure our platform is more reliable, more streamlined, and more secure each day. Introducing: Google Single Sign On (SSO) for Hull.

2nd October 2020

We've updated our Intercom Connector!

We've made some changes to our Intercom Connector, allowing for support for Intercom Companies and Leads, among other new features.