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26th June 2020

What are data “fallback strategies”?

Data “fallback strategies” are used to reconcile data from many different sources, and surface the “truest” or most reliable source when available.

2nd June 2020

How Using Your Product Data Can Help Close More Deals

At Userpilot's Product Drive virtual summit, Hull's CEO, Romain Dardour, discusses how this underrated and underutilized data source can be used to drive more conversions for sales and marketing.

2nd June 2020

5 Signs Your Agile Development Process Needs Help

At Userpilot's Product Drive virtual summit, Hull's Product Owner, Michal Raczka, discusses 5 critical signs your agile development process may need to be revamped.

28th May 2020

Podcast Appearance: How Near Failure Led to Hull's Strategic Pivot

Pivoting isn't easy, but in many cases, it's necessary for survival. Stefan Koenig discusses making the switch after realizing the incredible opportunity in the data integration and CDP space.

18th May 2020

Surviving or Thriving? 4 Ways a CDP Promotes Business Growth in Critical Times

Democratizing customer data access is critical to support business continuity. Here are 4 ways a CDP can sustain businesses in the short term and create a solid foundation for growth long-term.

15th May 2020

New customer story: Pusher's top 5 CDP use cases

Today, we published a customer success story with a leading technology company, Pusher. Hear how Mario Moscatiello, Growth Marketing Manager, elevates Pusher's marketing with Hull.

15th April 2020

How To Perform a GDPR "Right To Be Forgotten" Request

Everyone knows about GDPR, but there's still so much confusion regarding its practical application. In this blog, we tackle the best way to "delete" a data record in accordance with GDPR.

24th March 2020

Customer Data Management: Key Considerations & Best Practices

In this blog, we cover 6 key considerations to get started on managing your customer data.

9th March 2020

Should Your CRM or Marketing Automation Platform Be Your “Source of Truth”?

Marketing ops managers and system admins are all too familiar with this question. Read on to find out our take.

3rd March 2020

7 Strategies to Combat Bad Data Quality in B2B Marketing

Bad data can rear its ugly head in a lot of different ways. In this blog, we cover several common examples of poor data quality and seven strategies to improve.