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4th December 2017

How to Make Sales Fight Over Your Marketing Qualified Leads

I hate to admit it, but this is not the first time I’ve heard Sales complain about poor quality MQLs.

28th November 2017

How to Build a Better Qualified Lead

You must pinpoint "fit" and "intent". Weak mid-funnel marketing fails to qualify leads. Here are the best practices we've seen data-driven marketing teams use.

16th November 2017

How to Convert More Free Trial Users into Revenue

These are the exact steps high-performing companies took to knock their free-trial conversion rate out of the park.

2nd November 2017

Announcing the Incoming Webhooks Connector

Easily capture data from other tools’ outgoing webhooks and then put it to work in your other tools

23rd October 2017

How Hull Achieved Less than 1% Net Churn Rate

I run Hull’s Customer Success department, which I can gladly say is running a sub 1% net churn rate this year. Here's how.

11th October 2017

10 reasons why Clearbit is better with Hull

Here's the 10 reasons why our customers love to sync Clearbit data to all your tools through Hull's customer data platform.

4th October 2017

Customer data governance for scaling, squabbling startups

How do you manage perfect customer data with imperfect people? Here are the best practice we've observed in scaling startups

25th September 2017

How Oz Content increased marketing-sourced qualified leads 20X

Oz Content continues to have bold ambitions to continue building their agile mid-funnel marketing that no competitor can touch

14th September 2017

Coordinate all your tools, teams, and data with cloud orchestration

How do you orchestrate all your tools, teams, and data to design and deliver the perfect customer journey

30th August 2017

Data cleansing: How to wipe out your 34 layers of customer data puke

Your customer operations is only as good as your data. How do you get your customer data fit for your customer operations?