120 Segmentation Ideas (From our internal swipe file)

You need to stop, generic "send to all" broadcasts messages, and start talking to your leads and customers in the way that matters to them.

... you've probably heard that sort of advice before, but sometime's it's difficult to know what to say or...

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Secrets of Segmentation: Examples, Analysis and Strategy Guide [Free Cheatsheet]


Leaky funnels.

A constant struggle for every marketer.

You spend a ton of resources getting visitors, getting their email address and marketing to them. And yet many drop off.

The problem is most marketers send broadcast the same messages to everyone...

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Is Orchestration the Last Missing Piece of the ABM Puzzle?

With SiriusDecisions event happening last week, I’ve seen a ton of Account Based Marketing, Account Based Everything, Account Based Whatever posts.

It got me thinking about the Account Based approach and why so many tools are necessary. So much...

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How to Build Your Full Sales, Marketing and Customer Stack

Bewildered by 5000+ Martech tools? Unsure of best practices for using marketing technology? Questioning how you use dozens of separate tools together effectively? This guide is for you.

First step. Stop calling it a “Marketing Stack. Focusing on technology...

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What is Data-Driven Marketing, Really?

Data Driven Marketing

Your sales, marketing, and customer success is only as good as your data.

Whether it’s for qualifying new leads for sales, triggering personalised emails, creating effective ad audiences, or something different - you need to have access to reliable...

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