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4th November 2019

B2B Growth Mentor Musings: Aazar Ali Shad

Aazar Ali Shad, Head of Growth at Userpilot, talks growth misconceptions and what's next on his radar.

29th October 2019

Hull releases PostgreSQL Connector for advanced reporting and analytics

Hull's PostgreSQL Connector sends Hull Users, Accounts, and Events to your PostgreSQL data warehouse for advanced reporting and analytics.

24th October 2019

Hull announces new Marketo Connector

Our highly-anticipated Marketo Connector is finally live! Hull's Marketo Connector fetches Leads and Activity data.

21st October 2019

B2B Growth Mentor Musings: Hugo Hamel

Hugo Hamel from Enrich3 shares his thoughts on growth.

11th October 2019

B2B Growth Mentor Musings: Wes Bush

Wes Bush from Product Led Growth shares his thoughts on growth.

7th October 2019

Hull now supports HubSpot Marketing Email Events

Hull's HubSpot Marketing Connector now fetches Email Events, in addition to Contacts and Accounts.

1st October 2019

Operation: Automation

Stop doing these 7 sales and marketing ops tasks manually and let a customer data platform do the work for you.

25th September 2019

CDPs, DMPs and CRM… Oh My! Which Data Solution is Right for Your Business?

In this blog post, we break down the differences between 6 popular data tools: CDP, CRM, DMP, data lake, data warehouse, and data integration and workflow solutions.

18th September 2019

Personalization At Scale: The Definitive Guide

Personalization is more than “Hi {first name}!”. Orchestration and personalization are two sides of the same coin. Here's our six-part framework.

16th September 2019

Gorgias Improves Account Insight and ROI Attribution with Hull

The data-driven team at Gorgias needed to understand which of their marketing channels were generating the most revenue.