10 reasons why Clearbit is better with Hull

At Hull, we ❤️ Clearbit. Many of our customers who sell B2B customers depend on Clearbit data to convert more leads and close more deals.

By using Hull’s customer data platform, they can get all the data they need (including Clearbit data) into the...

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Customer data governance for scaling, squabbling startups

This is the final chapter of the customer data academy on data governance.

Before we dive into the gnarliest of gnarly topics in data management, first a quick recap of what we’ve covered previously.

In the first chapter, we explained the customer...

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How Oz Content increased marketing-sourced qualified leads 20X

Oz Content is content ideation software for content marketers and demand generation managers primarily serving B2B and high-intent B2C companies.

When Oz Content broke the 15,000 leads mark, they knew they had a problem. Like their customers (also...

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Coordinate all your tools, teams, and data with cloud orchestration

This is the fourth chapter in our customer data academy - subscribe above to get the full series.

Previously, we’ve discussed the customer stack model for simply explaining how customer data should form a loop between messaging people, tracking reactions...

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Data cleansing: How to wipe out your 34 layers of customer data puke

This is chapter two in our 5-part series in the customer data academy - subscribe above for more!

Previously, we’ve talked about the building a schemaless customer data model with the “Customer Stack” - a closed loop of customer data between messaging...

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