Podcast Appearance: How Near Failure Led to Hull's Strategic Pivot

Hull didn't always look like the customer data platform it is today. Our earlier iteration of the platform solved for a slightly different use case and challenge. As any founder of a company can attest, making a strategic pivot is a difficult decision, yet one that may be crucial for survival and sustainability in the long run.

We at Hull made this pivot several years ago, and we're happy to have come out the other side with an amazing opportunity in the data integration and CDP space.

I sat down with Geordie Wardman of The Big Break Software Podcast to talk about our story, including:

  • What our product was prior to our pivot
  • Why we decided to pivot
  • Our initial customers and pricing model
  • What our operations look like today

Listen to the full episode here.

Stefan Koenig

Stefan is the Co-Founder and COO of Hull.