How Using Your Product Data Can Help Close More Deals

On June 1-2, Userpilot hosted Product Drive, a virtual summit dedicated to learnings, best practices, and trends in product management, operations, growth, analytics, and more.

Hull CEO, Romain Dardour, spoke on the topic of bridging the gap between product data and sales and marketing conversions in one of the event's most popular and highly-attended sessions.

If the right product usage data can be captured and transformed into insights, then those signals can be a major growth lever for organizations.

Proven results

What kinds of results can you expect by integrating product usage in sales and marketing outreach? A Hull customer saw major improvements in several key metrics:

  • 70% increase in sales conversion
  • 25% increase in average sale price
  • 60% increase in quarter-over-quarter revenue

So, why aren't more teams using product usage data?

Access to data can be a challenge for sales and marketing teams, and that's no surprise considering many tools operate in silos.

Proactive and resourceful sales and marketing teams have begun to consider in-house workarounds, but they're far from perfect. We've seen it often go like this: sales and marketing initially approach their in-house technical teams with a data integration request, wide-eyed and optimistic, but then both the go-to-market and the technical sides of the house often grow frustrated with how time-consuming and costly it becomes to maintain.

We show you how to bridge the gap

Utilizing product data to drive conversions involves the following:

  1. Understanding your customer journey
  2. Capturing key engagement signals
  3. Making the data available for your teams in the tools they use

We recognize that this type of engagement model works well when your company:

  • Has a business model based on "freemium" products
  • Offers a self-service free trial

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Angela Sun

Angela brings over a decade of B2B technology marketing experience to her role as the Director of Marketing at Hull. Prior to Hull, she spent 5 years at utility data aggregator, Urjanet, where she held various roles in demand generation, marketing operations, and product marketing.