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25th September 2017

How Oz Content increased marketing-sourced qualified leads 20X

Oz Content continues to have bold ambitions to continue building their agile mid-funnel marketing that no competitor can touch

17th May 2017

How to setup Segment’s $10000+/day outbound sales email recipe

It’s hard. It involves connecting client-side and server-side data across four or five APIs (depending how you configure it) in a reliable way.

11th April 2017

How Lengow fixed their 50% drop off after demo requests

Lengow found a 50% drop in response rate from 2 hours after someone requested a demo. They needed to figure out whether a lead was a good fit, and take action quickly.

3rd April 2017

How Appcues use Segment and Clearbit with Hull to unqualify 30% of trial users from sales

Like many B2B SaaS companies, Appcues sales pipeline is built around a free trial. They wanted to give their sales team insights into which free trial accounts were most likely to convert.