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31st March 2021

Configure & Control Your Data Flows (Webinar Recap)

In Part 5 of "Your Data, Your Way", we round out our series discussing data synchronization, showcasing two examples of one-way and bi-directional syncing.

19th March 2021

The CDP vs. Data Warehouse Debate: How to Determine What’s Right for Your Business

With so many tools for managing data now available, how do you know what’s right for your business? Here’s how to answer the CDP vs. data warehouse debate based on your unique needs.

17th March 2021

Simple & Advanced Data Transformation Use Cases (Webinar Recap)

In Part 4 of "Your Data, Your Way", we discuss data transformation. You'll hear more about what it means, why it's beneficial, and see some simple and advanced use cases using the Hull Processor.

4th March 2021

Data Cleansing Made Simple (Webinar Recap)

In Part 3 of "Your Data, Your Way", we show you tactical ways to clean and standardize your data using easy-to-use features within Hull.

17th February 2021

Identity Resolution Is Key to Better Customer Data Management (Webinar Recap)

In Part 2 of "Your Data, Your Way", we talk about how your identity resolution strategy can prevent data issues, and show you how Hull's intelligent identity resolution handles tricky scenarios.

3rd February 2021

3 Methods for Ingesting Customer Data (Webinar Recap)

In Part 1 of "Your Data, Your Way", we discuss all things data integration, fetching, and ingestion, sharing our recommendations for building robust and comprehensive customer profiles.

17th November 2020

Good Guys vs. Bad Data: How to Be a Data Quality Hero

Hull Head of Product, Tim Liu, joined Sonar Co-founder and CEO, Brad Smith, for a webinar on how to manage and prevent bad data from derailing your go-to-market efforts.

10th November 2020

How Pusher Uses Customer Behavior Data to Drive Growth & Retention

Forward-thinking B2B SaaS companies like Pusher know that just using attribute-based data in marketing can only go so far. Watch the webinar replay to learn how they put behavioral data into action.

30th June 2020

Top CDP Use Cases for B2B Organizations in 2020

Read how a CDP can help your organization across: Customer Research, Acquisition, Activation, Retention & Upsell, Reporting & Analytics, and Data Management

26th June 2020

What are data “fallback strategies”?

Data “fallback strategies” are used to reconcile data from many different sources, and surface the “truest” or most reliable source when available.

18th May 2020

Surviving or Thriving? 4 Ways a CDP Promotes Business Growth in Critical Times

Democratizing customer data access is critical to support business continuity. Here are 4 ways a CDP can sustain businesses in the short term and create a solid foundation for growth long-term.

24th March 2020

Customer Data Management: Key Considerations & Best Practices

In this blog, we cover 6 key considerations to get started on managing your customer data.

3rd March 2020

7 Strategies to Combat Bad Data Quality in B2B Marketing

Bad data can rear its ugly head in a lot of different ways. In this blog, we cover several common examples of poor data quality and seven strategies to improve.

14th January 2020

Identity Resolution for B2B: Definition & Top Strategies

Identity resolution can mean the difference between great and “just ok” customer experiences. Here are 3 B2B identity resolution strategies we’ve seen.

13th January 2020

The Single Customer View (Or 360 Degree Customer View): The What, Why, & How for B2B Marketers

The single customer view, or the 360 degree customer view, is a strategy designed to personalize customer experiences and promote operational efficiency.

9th January 2020

CDPs vs. DMPs: A Guide

Two popular martech tools, CDPs and DMPs, are commonly confused with one another. In this article, we explain the differences between them.

1st October 2019

Operation: Automation

Stop doing these 7 sales and marketing ops tasks manually and let a customer data platform do the work for you.

25th September 2019

CDPs, DMPs and CRM… Oh My! Which Data Solution is Right for Your Business?

In this blog post, we break down the differences between 6 popular data tools: CDP, CRM, DMP, data lake, data warehouse, and data integration and workflow solutions.

16th September 2019

Gorgias Improves Account Insight and ROI Attribution with Hull

The data-driven team at Gorgias needed to understand which of their marketing channels were generating the most revenue.

28th August 2019

Spendesk Makes Sales Outreach & Data Management Smarter with Hull

Spendesk wanted to make outbound sales efforts more intelligent through better data enrichment and segmentation capabilities.