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18th November 2021

Hull's Future as part of MessageBird

Hull's Future as part of MessageBird

3rd February 2021

3 Methods for Ingesting Customer Data (Webinar Recap)

In Part 1 of "Your Data, Your Way", we discuss all things data integration, fetching, and ingestion, sharing our recommendations for building robust and comprehensive customer profiles.

26th January 2021

Upcoming Webinar Series: Your Data, Your Way

Hull launches a 5-part webinar series on February 3rd: Your Data, Your Way. Learn how to manage, transform, and control your data so it works the way you want it to.

17th November 2020

Good Guys vs. Bad Data: How to Be a Data Quality Hero

Hull Head of Product, Tim Liu, joined Sonar Co-founder and CEO, Brad Smith, for a webinar on how to manage and prevent bad data from derailing your go-to-market efforts.

10th November 2020

How Pusher Uses Customer Behavior Data to Drive Growth & Retention

Forward-thinking B2B SaaS companies like Pusher know that just using attribute-based data in marketing can only go so far. Watch the webinar replay to learn how they put behavioral data into action.

29th October 2020

Upcoming Webinar: How Pusher Drives Growth & Retention with Customer Behavior Data

Join us on November 10th as we dive into how Pusher drives growth and retention leveraging customer behavior data.

19th August 2020

Upcoming Webinar: How To Achieve a 30% Reply Rate on Cold Outbound Emails

Join us on Wednesday, August 26th for an in-depth webinar with experts from Hull, Paddle, Outreach, and GoodFit to uncover how Paddle achieved a consistent 30% reply rate on cold emails.

1st July 2020

Upcoming Webinar: "Between Two [CDP] Firms" with Hull and mParticle, moderated by The CDP Institute

Hull CEO, Romain Dardour, will be joined by Michael Katz of mParticle and David Raab of The CDP Institute in an engaging discussion around all things CDP. Tune in on Wednesday, July 8 at 2:30 PM ET.