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26th August 2020

Learn how Paddle got a 30% reply rate on their cold outbound emails

UK's fastest growing software company, Paddle, shares the secrets of their success in this 1-hour webinar, alongside experts from Hull, Outreach, and GoodFit.

12th August 2020

Why a free trial business model may not be the right strategy for you

Many businesses adopt a free trial business model looking for that coveted "hockey stick" growth curve. But here's why it may not make the most sense for your business.

10th July 2020

Missed "Between Two Firms"? Catch the replay and transcript here!

If you missed our "fireside chat" with Romain, Michael (CEO, mParticle), and David (Co-founder, CDP Institute), not to worry! We've recorded it and provided the transcript here so you can catch up.

2nd June 2020

How Using Your Product Data Can Help Close More Deals

At Userpilot's Product Drive virtual summit, Hull's CEO, Romain Dardour, discusses how this underrated and underutilized data source can be used to drive more conversions for sales and marketing.

2nd June 2020

5 Signs Your Agile Development Process Needs Help

At Userpilot's Product Drive virtual summit, Hull's Product Owner, Michal Raczka, discusses 5 critical signs your agile development process may need to be revamped.

26th June 2017

How To Scale Your SaaS Company Using Personalization

With Edward Ford from The SaaS Growth Hub and Ed Fry from Hull discussing growth, growth models, 5-part personalization framework, "Customer Stacks" and more

18th October 2016

How To Create Content Your Audience Will Love In 2019

Slides and notes from Learn Inbound 2016 in Dublin