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8th March 2021

New Integration: Calendly

Hull's new Calendly integration lets you ingest Calendly meetings, append them to User Timelines, and sync them out to your other tools.

21st January 2021

Introducing: Event Replay

Hull's newest product update offers a simplified way to backfill or resend User Events to your destination tools.

19th October 2020

Introducing: Google Single Sign On (SSO) for Hull

At Hull, we're taking steps to ensure our platform is more reliable, more streamlined, and more secure each day. Introducing: Google Single Sign On (SSO) for Hull.

2nd October 2020

We've updated our Intercom Connector!

We've made some changes to our Intercom Connector, allowing for support for Intercom Companies and Leads, among other new features.

23rd September 2020

New product feature: Batch update your Hull User & Account attribute values with a few clicks

Hull's highly-anticipated UX update enables customers to seamlessly modify User and Account attributes with a fully "no code" approach.

14th September 2020

What's new with Hull's Google Sheets Importer?

We've made some game-changing updates to our Google Sheets Importer to make this Connector more robust, flexible, and easier to use than ever before.

18th November 2019

Hull releases Pipedrive CRM Connector

Hull releases Pipedrive Connector to supercharge your sales process. Hull's Pipedrive Connector syncs with Pipedrive Persons and Organzations.

29th October 2019

Hull releases PostgreSQL Connector for advanced reporting and analytics

Hull's PostgreSQL Connector sends Hull Users, Accounts, and Events to your PostgreSQL data warehouse for advanced reporting and analytics.

24th October 2019

Hull announces new Marketo Connector

Our highly-anticipated Marketo Connector is finally live! Hull's Marketo Connector fetches Leads and Activity data.

7th October 2019

Hull now supports HubSpot Marketing Email Events

Hull's HubSpot Marketing Connector now fetches Email Events, in addition to Contacts and Accounts.

19th February 2019

Introducing Hull for Outreach: Automation for Sales Reps

We're excited to launch Hull for Outreach. Now you can have marketing-scale automation in the hands of your sales reps.

12th February 2019

Introducing Free Trials At Hull: Unify & Sync Customer Data

From today, you can sign up and try out Hull free for 14-days with your own data - without having to talk to one of our product experts or solution engineers.

8th March 2018

Announcing: The tres-transparent, all-new Hull Dashboard

Now, the new Hull Dashboard gives you a portal into all your customer data in a way you’ve never seen before. And it’s a bit more French too.

22nd December 2017

How To Use URL Tracking To Convert More SaaS Free Trials

Announcing the URL Shortener, Pixel Tracking, Form Tracking, and QueryString API

2nd November 2017

How To Enrich Your Data With Incoming Webhooks In

Easily capture data from other tools’ outgoing webhooks and then put it to work in your other tools

11th October 2017

10 Reasons Why Clearbit Is Better With Hull

Here's the 10 reasons why our customers love to sync Clearbit data to all your tools through Hull's customer data platform.

3rd July 2017

How To Enrich Intercom Leads With

Hull now supports Intercom Leads. Fill in the blanks and unknowns in your Intercom Leads so your team can precisely personalize every response