Upcoming Webinar: How To Achieve a 30% Reply Rate on Cold Outbound Emails

Average email reply rates can vary greatly, but some suggest they can hover around 1-5%. When Paddle, UK’s fastest growing software company, went to market with an outbound email strategy, they blew those numbers out of the water, consistently achieving reply rates of 30% or higher.

In this webinar, held on Wednesday, August 26th at 2:00 PM ET, we’ll dive into how the Paddle team executed their outbound strategy to catapult their success. Topics covered include:

  • Paddle’s 7-step outbound framework
  • What data they required and how they sourced it
  • The tools and technologies used
  • Best practices learned along the way

We encourage anyone with responsibility for B2B marketing, sales, revenue ops, growth, and customer data management to attend this engaging 1-hour webinar.

Register here.

Angela Sun

Angela brings over a decade of B2B technology marketing experience to her role as the Director of Marketing at Hull. Prior to Hull, she spent 5 years at utility data aggregator, Urjanet, where she held various roles in demand generation, marketing operations, and product marketing.