3 Methods for Ingesting Customer Data (Webinar Recap)

A customer data platform should be your single source of customer truth. What good is it if it doesn't include data you need from every tool and database you use?

In Part 1 of our "Your Data, Your Way" webinar series, we discussed all things data integration, fetching, and ingestion, and shared our recommendations at Hull for building robust and comprehensive customer profiles.

Catch the replay below and read on for our key takeaways from the session!

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To achieve the coveted "single source of customer truth", your CDP's data integrations need to run deep

At its core, a customer data platform is centralized repository of your customer data, connected to your other systems via data integrations. In order for your CDP to provide any value, those integrations need to offer depth of integration -- meaning, they need to support multiple object types and fields in order to create a rich and comprehensive single customer view.

Hull's native integrations to popular SaaS tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, and Intercom were designed to meet those needs by capturing objects like Leads and Contacts (Hull Users), Companies (Hull Accounts), as well as behavior and interactions (Hull Events).

Without depth of integration, your customer profiles won't be as robust as they possibly could be, and you may not be able to get as fine-grained with your segments as you could.

However, offering breadth of integration has become more critical

Martech Landscape

Martech vendor growth is accelerating each year. As more vendors enter the market, CDPs must meet the need to integrate these new tools quickly and scalably.

Hull offers 3 flexible methods for data ingestion

To meet the demands of the market and of our customers, Hull offers flexible solutions to ensure depth and breadth of data integration:

Native integrations

Our library of native integrations consists of dozens of popular SaaS tools, each specifically designed to send and sync multiple object types and events.

Incoming webhooks

In the event that a native integration is not available for a particular tool you need integrated with Hull, we offer an Incoming Webhooks Connector. Any software with webhooks can send data into Hull and be added to Hull User Profiles in real-time.

SQL Importer

Our SQL Importer Connector is a useful option when you want to integrate customer data from a backend SQL database. This task has traditionally been left for more technical engineering resources, but it's now possible for go-to-market teams to access this type of data with Hull! A popular use case for importing data from a SQL database is syncing product usage data or other behavioral data to your marketing automation platform or CRM.

Your Data, Your Way

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Angela brings over a decade of B2B technology marketing experience to her role as the Director of Marketing at Hull. Prior to Hull, she spent 5 years at utility data aggregator, Urjanet, where she held various roles in demand generation, marketing operations, and product marketing.