Simple & Advanced Data Transformation Use Cases (Webinar Recap)

Data transformation is a term you might have heard before, but because of the wide array of scenarios in which data be transformed, it might be a bit unclear how it plays into customer data management and marketing ops.

In Part 4 of "Your Data, Your Way", we discuss data transformation in this specific context.

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Data transformation, defined

Data transformation is the process of changing the format, structure, or values of data, or creating new data from existing data.

While raw data in and of itself is valuable, it may not be all that useful if it hasn't been transformed yet. Data transformation makes data more actionable for go-to-market teams to begin using it across tools, and in various campaigns.

Exploring 3 data transformation use cases

In the next part of the webinar, Hull Product Owner, Michal Raczka, demonstrates three distinct data transformation use cases using the Hull Processor:

  1. Standardizing and cleaning data (simple use case)
  2. Unifying data (advanced use case)
  3. Generating new data (advanced use case)

Your Data Your Way Part 4 Data Transformation

Your Data, Your Way

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Angela Sun

Angela brings over a decade of B2B technology marketing experience to her role as the Director of Marketing at Hull. Prior to Hull, she spent 5 years at utility data aggregator, Urjanet, where she held various roles in demand generation, marketing operations, and product marketing.