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Build a complete picture of every lead and customer in Customer.io

Then engage them with the most relevant, personal emails from Customer.io. Hull combines data from Customer.io and all your other tools into one “master profile”. Then it sorts, segments, and syncs all those profiles across all your tools in near real time.

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What does Hull for Customer.io do?

With Hull’s Customer.io integration, you can enrich your customers and leads with data from your other tools, and use this to trigger workflows, send messages, and personalize the content of each email. You can also use your Customer.io data and interactions to power other tools.

Setup Hull’s Customer.io integration in minutes

It’s quick and easy to get started. Connect and configure in a few clicks, and start syncing your data between Customer.io, Hull, and all your other tools. Request your personalized demo and unify your data today.

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Maximize engagement with hyper-personalized emails

Precisely target your Customer.io emails with data from all your tools and databases. Combine data from multiple different tools in Hull to create segments. Sync Hull’s always up-to-date segments to Customer.io to trigger emails and workflows.

Poor click-through rates? Use Hull for Customer.io to fill in your hyper-personalized email templates. Use your highly personalized messages to convert more leads, close more deals, and delight more customers

Popular sources of data to sync to Customer.io - all without a developer:

  • CRM
  • Data enrichment (like Clearbit)
  • SQL database
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics tools

Scale and personalize your emails with ease

Customer.io uses the incredibly flexible Liquid templating framework - Hull put’s Liquid templates on steroids. With Hull, you can create Liquid templates using any segment and variable with data from any of your tools and databases.

With all your data at your finger tips, and super-flexible templating, at last you can precisely personalize your email at scale - no need for the huge team of sales reps crafting email cadences to fill your sales pipeline.

Point-perfect personalization at scale is here. Unlock email engagement like you’ve never had before, with the precise tweaks you need to resonate with each individual person. The only limit is your imagination.

Curious how to take advantage of Hull with Liquid? Follow our deep dive guide on dynamic content.

Automate advanced email flows in real-time with ease

Put Customer.io’s advanced workflow tools on steroids with data from your other tools. Start, stop, and pause workflows with events from your analytics, ad clicks, CRM activities, product usage - whatever. All this data flowing through Hull, and straight into your Customer.io setup.

Break out of the constraints of your previous workflows. Complete control to command your customer emails. Be less dodo, be more DJ.

Orchestrate your emails with every other channel

Sync your hyper-personalized emails with your website, ads, live chat, and more. Pull real-time data, actions, and reactions from Customer.io and sync them to your all your other tools ready to take action. And vice versa - email anonymous website visitors and more.

Take back control of your Customer.io data

No more “dead data”. Create, update, and remove your customer profiles in Customer.io with data from your other tools. Pay only for contacts you need. Store only the data you need. Keep Customer.io clean and easy to use.

Control Customer.io data without a developer

Stuck with building your own Customer.io integrations? Command and control your data with clicks, not code. Hull is the intelligent Customer.io integration platform you need to connect your fRanKenSTaCk of tools. Connect Customer.io to all your tools in minutes, not months.

Dozens of recipes to leverage your customer data with Customer.io