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Send data to Hull with webhooks

Get data from thousands of tools and applications into Hull - and the best part is that the Incoming Webhooks Connector is extremely flexible, can handle millions of events, and offers more control than the average Incoming Webhook:

Capture data from the apps you love

  • Receive virtually any kind of user data into Hull - such as name, email, technographics, industry, and more
  • Emit events in Hull to track behavioral data

Apply logic to incoming data using plain Javascript

  • Transform and map the data to any user or account in Hull
  • Apply conditions, store as either events or attributes, and even stop sequences from triggering

Powerful and scalable

  • Handles millions of events

View the Incoming Webhooks documentation

Capture and transform any incoming payload

Hull’s Incoming Webhooks connector uses the same simple javascript console as the Hull Processor. Transform any payload of data into other data with simple code. Clean it up, create and update attributes and events, and write it to Hull Profiles. Control your own logic on how the data gets into Hull.

Hull Incoming Webhooks Console

Get more out of your tech stack with Hull

With the Incoming Webhooks Connector, you can now clean, transform, segment, and sync your data to your tech stack in real-time from thousands of applications.

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Dozens of recipes to leverage your customer data with Incoming Webhooks