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Create precise lists in Mailchimp using data from other tools

Manage your ad audiences, segments and email lists from Hull. Sync and update Mailchimp lists in realtime. Combine different data to target just the people you want to reach.

Deeply personalise your emails with more dynamic Mailchimp templates.

Send more relevant emails that convert more opens into action. Use data from all your tools and databases to create new merge tags within your email templates.

Trigger Mailchimp Automations with different actions and data

Time your emails perfectly. Use page views, analytics events, product usage and more to trigger drip email campaigns in Mailchimp.

Power other tools with your email analytics

Orchestrate your entire sales and marketing toolset. Sync email analytics data from Mailchimp back to Hull to update profiles, update segments and trigger action in all your other tools.

Simpler, quicker and more reliable than your duct-tape setup today

Mailchimp Integrations, manually exporting and importing contacts, and wiring together different tools can’t give you complete control of all your customer data. Hull can. Connect Mailchimp in a few clicks and start syncing data to and from Mailchimp and Hull.

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Dozens of recipes to leverage your customer data with Mailchimp